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By Anonymous
Whats worse than being a human head on a spiders body? A human head on a spiders body, with a stupid haircut.
By Anonymous
im arachnaphobic, which chalice dungeons have nightmare apostles in them so i know which ones to avoid? thanks for any answers!
By Anonymous
I don't have an exact answer, but spiders are pretty common in the dungeons from the Ailing Loran and beyond. They might show up before as well. And I have no idea how they spawn in the random ones. Basically, if it's that bad for you, I wouldn't risk the dungeons. How did you get past the nightmare of mensis?
By Anonymous
if i remember correct the first regular ones show up in Depth 3 pthumeru, they might show earlier from the bell ringing women. Most deep chalices will most likely have them
By Anonymous
Miyazaki be like: we need big spiders, sick haircut spiders and the SPOODER GRANDE
By Anonymous
Miyazaki must've been tired of everything when he designed the nightmare of mensis. First, a very long trip to from the lamp to the building filled with beast, giants and frenzy. Then, the first thing you see are spiders that are very hard to kill, can't run away from them and their drops are all garbage.
By Anonymous
Well, it's called a nightmare, so it shouldn't really be like a pillow fight with two pretty blondes.
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By Rads
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Gehrman! Get ze Flamesprayer!
By Anonymous
Thank GOD the Giant one isn't in Chalice Dungeons
By Anonymous
Isz Chalice: I'm about to end this man's whole career.
By Anonymous
They do appear in the dungeons but their really rare to encounter luckily.
By Anonymous
The human faced ones remind of the stereotypical edgar takuache dudes with bowl cuts driving pick up trucks.
By Anonymous
Giant enemy spider