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Uncanny Saw Cleaver: Chamber of the Seal side door; pkxjk6rr
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Lost saw cleaver in lower pthumerian depth 3, first area. Nkuwf5gh. Conductor is soxfan8491084
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Bloodborne truly is the biggest innovation in Fromsoft history. You used to spam r1, Now you can do it with l1!
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truly one of the games of all time
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R1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1........
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tbh the saw cleaver is too op for the beginning of bloodborne and only filthy casuals use it the entire game. the threaded cane is where its at and is the only good weapon in this toxic game. ds2 had the best weapon variety ever and honesty this game can't match ds2.
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The moment you brought up ds2 I immediately disregarded your argument
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Bloodborne community, elden ring community and dark souls 2 community.

Which version of aids wins?
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Saw Cleaver and Spear are the best weapons for an arcane build. You can slot in the fire gem stone you get next to that brainsucker in cathedral ward to get arcane scaling weapons early game.
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When I'm in a boot licking Competition and My Opponent Is a ds2 fan
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It's so wild to me that one of the most powerful weapon is just handed to you as first weapon
High attack speed, average stun, High base damage to relatively low scaling, with hidden serrated damage that do more damage to 60% of the enemies, and with no resistance to it.
I feel like it being found as one of the three first weapon was a mistake and it was intended to be the saw spear or saif instead.
By Anonymous
Yeah I'm pretty good at bloodborne *R1*L1*L1*L1*Dodge
By Anonymous
This chunk of iron carried me though on my frist playthrough, I've even beat Orphan on my first try with this weapon. I think it's worthy to be on the game's cover art.
By Anonymous
Uncanny Cleaver discovered in Pthumerian Labyrinth Depth 1 in side area past final second layer lantern.
Glyph is 523gmc64
Not sure how much enemy type and placement is affected between players in the same dungeon, but I had a lot of annoyances.
By Anonymous
Do the transformation attacks deal serrated damage?
By Anonymous
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