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By Anonymous
I tried a lot of weapons in this game

Nothing compare ....nothing compares toooo yooou
Saw cleaver
By Anonymous
have saw spear
By Anonymous
For the longest time, I only used R1s... But now, I'm addicted to L1s
By Anonymous
uncanny cleaver in depth 1 pthumeru, coffin in the first pre-lamp area 3kjq9gia
By Anonymous
Saw cleaver

Hunter pistol

I have no need for such crude weapons for I am a Kung fu master.... GET OVER HERE WEREWOLF!!
By Anonymous
gets his *** kicked
By Anonymous
Dunkey still cracks me with his video/review of Bloodborne!
"Thank you Dark Souls"
By Anonymous
The chatacter holds this weapon extremely weird in it's transformed state. He holds it all the way at the bottom of the handle, it would be impossible to wield like that and looks strange. He doesn't hold it like that in any promotional material, and the saw spear is held normal so idk why this weapon is like that. Never seen anyone else mention this but once you notice it you can't unsee it.
By Anonymous
iTs A vIdEoGaMe BrUh
By Anonymous
i'll never unsee that thanks
By Anonymous
We got aliens, witches, werewolves, and it's the way an impossibly heavy weapon
that's impossible.
By Anonymous
Yeah. Its something that has always bugged me too. I'm guessing the developers had the hunter hold it that way so the saw cleaver had as much reach as possible in the transformed state to off set the reduced attack speed/dps and increased stamina cost.
By Anonymous
Pthumerian Depth 1 for uncanny, right before layer one: duy9t3vv
just made this one, pretty pog
By Anonymous
To everyone who may be wondering why this weapon was bandaged (similar to Ludwig's Holy Blade): this is to prevent blood from flowing onto the handle and making the weapon unwieldy. Either that or some completely over-the-top hunter in the workshop thought it looked really cool.
By Anonymous
I always assumed it was for soaking in oil and setting alight, but tbh it's probably just for aesthetics.
By Anonymous
Interesting detail, but (author of the original post) I think you mean Ludwig's holy moonlight sword
By Anonymous
1. Henryk wields this weapon.
2. His gloves are bandaged like the cleaver.
3. Cleaver was a symbol of the hunt, so was Henryk. He was famous among the church hunters and Yharnamites, so that church based Yharnam Hunter Set on his.
4. Henryk was an old hunter, and he had a tragically long life(and probably a long hunt).
Guess he used bandages like bartenders use band-aids for bar rot.
By Anonymous
This is weapon is so good, that its the cover art of the game.
By Anonymous
Is the Uncanny version just different gems or does it have something else different?
By Anonymous
All alternative versions only have different gemslots. This can be a factor depending on the gems you want to use.
By Anonymous
I can't believe I used to think this weapon was bad
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