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By Anonymous
i dont know how people find this boss hard at all, hes got parry windows rivaling those guys in cathedral ward with the sticks and lanterns, on top of that you get a reusable stun item that just lets you farm backstabs in his first phase, ive never not beaten this guy first try in any of my runs
By Anonymous
It's possible he's the first test you face, and if you've never played a Fromsoft game before it could be an adjustment.
By Anonymous
His true name is Father Gasoline
By Anonymous
Father Balogna
By Anonymous
Father go go gadget
By Anonymous
This is where bloodborne's casuls get transformed to hunters...
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By BoletarianVileblood
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The garb description actually says the “father” title is given to clerics in a foreign land, and that yharnam doesn’t have that title, and has nothing to do with him being a dad. Meaning that he’s actually from boletaria (the foreign land) since he says “umbasa” in his cut dialogue, something only the clerics say in demon’s souls.
By Anonymous
Father Gascoigne is the friendly introduction to the totally calm and forgiving Bloodborne combat.
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