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When you use the music box on his summon he laughs...
papa gas can
More like Father Go-fuck-himself
I can't see how this boss could be considered difficult, given that you have the chance of fighting him with a +2 saw spear.
When he's human, all you have to do is attack aggressively.
When he turns into beast form, just dodge to the side and hit his butt a couple of times. Rinse and repeat.
He dies just the moment you begin to have fun.
I just beat him and he didn't transform until like 10-15% HP. Smack him a couple times during transformation and he was a two shot from the point he got up. Is this normal? Lol
Had a similar experience last night, when I started BB for the second time (I had it from PS+ but opted out of the sub and bought BB later). Battled Gascoigne as usual, parrying him twice in hunter form and using the music box once at about 55% health or so. He ended up trying to combo me after waking up from the box-induced daze and only tried to transform after that (at which point, he had only about 20% left). It was surprising, but in other From titles, similar things can happen if you catch them at the right HP. Just not to that extreme extent.
During my battle with him he got stuck on the stairs lol. Rapidly run up and down the stairs when he's in beast form whilst dodging. When he's coming down quickly run to the side of the stairs near the rails, there's a good chance he'll attempt to attack and charge you through the rails and not be able to come down. Just stay a bit out of his reach and keep pulling your weapon back all the way hitting him until he's dead. Do not walk to the front of the stairs if you want him to stay stuck. This is the third time I won due to a boss being stuck....
Father Gitgud
still not as hard as the fookin bed of chaos
I honestly don't see why people think this is a difficult boss, don't get me wrong I loved fighting this boss. The fight was very fun, going toe to toe with a fellow hunter. It felt very engaging. But I honestly didn't find the fight all that difficult. Prior to Bloodborne i had only played Ds3 and I beat Gascoigne on my first ever try.
Beat him first time yeah right


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prior to bloodborne, I had played dark souls 3, and I had beaten every boss and dlc boss, but gascoigne was the hardest boss for me, until I got to ludwig, who I am stills tuck on. but for gasgoigne, it was only the beast form that game me trouble. hits dealt a large portion of my health, with no time to heal. in the end, I beat him by using the music box, backstabbing, and then throwing a molotov.
I had forgotten all about the music box when I fought him, died when I fought him with only a few more hits left to kill him, and by the way, can someone tell me, I haven't killed father Gascoigne yet but I fought him, as I said, would I still be able to summon him to help fight the Cleric Beast?
What would be recommended lvl to fight him ng+?