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By Anonymous
Hmm... Looks like Marika..
By Anonymous
It strangely resembles Marika..
Formless Mother?
Formless Oedon?
All the more confusing that in game is a he but we all know Marika is Radagon, And Radagon is Marika. The concept of Gender for Gods Doesnt exist
By Pantreus
+4 layer 3, before blue gate in Rotted (FR) Lower Pthumerian: 77d9fbxd

Getting lots of goodies here. I already posted the same Glyph for a Great One Coldblood.
By Anonymous
Which part of chalice dungeon to get +5 formless oeden
By Anonymous
"The Formless Oedon rune was inspired by The Hierophant Tarot Card." Get outta my face.
By Anonymous
I loled hahaha
By Anonymous
Oh just wait for the jojokes
By Anonymous
Rotten Lower Pthumeru [jgvt6g6c] (F/R/-) L1: Uncanny Kirkhammer (first side area) L2: Formless Oedon +2
By Anonymous
q68pxud3 - Rotted/Cursed Ihyll, has Clockwise Metamorphosis tier 3 and Formless Oedon tier 3
By Anonymous
*Formless Oedon +5
By Anonymous
I crafted a Sinister Lower Pthumeru dungeon that had Formless Oedon +2 on I think pre-bonus layer 2. The dungeon also had an Uncanny Rifle Spear, Lost Saw Spear and Uncanny Kirkhammer throughout the bonus areas. Glyph is efdg2weg.