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By Anonymous
The last phase of this fight is more of a do or die type of phase than anything else. Either you punish his aggression with visceral attacks or he grabs you once and you die from the poison immediately after it's over (unless you have really high vitality in which case pray you can get a chance to use an antidote afterwards). There really is no middle ground to speak of here.
By Anonymous
I just defeated the first one, I'm still at the beginning of the game and it took me about 5 or 6 tries, without summon. I believe the beast is immune to fire damage unless you burn the crucified beast. When I fought it neither the flamesprayer nor the molotov cocktails worked against it. I just realized it after I defeated the beast and I helped another player.
By Anonymous
BSB is not immune to fire as the flamesprayer, fire paper and moltovs all work well against it.

Burning the BSB in the chapel has no impact on the boss at all. It just preeptively kills a few smaller beasts for you.

You may be underleveled/your weapons are underleveled, because if you're not doing any damage to the BSB, it's either that or you found a bug. It's extremely weak to fire and serration, so try leveling up your weapons as much as you can and try it again.
By Anonymous
actually pretty scary with low poison res where one swipe from him pretty much is death
By Anonymous
I spent like three hours trying to fight this boss, only to come here and find out it was optional.
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