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Black Church set has 6 more Resistance to Rapid Poison at 141. The trivial is false in saying this set has the highest of both poison defences.
I fixed that for ya. *****, I need this game...
Create a female character with red hair and orange eyes. Wear this set with the Crown of Illusions and equip either Holy Moonlight Sword or Ludwig's Holy Blade buffed with Empty Phantasm Shell.
the hood on this thing is the real mvp - so versatile and able to rock with any black or white outfit to full freshness. if you gonna rock it with a coloured top, then make sure the pants are white. church hood got a son lookin like a real ny nigga
"But make sure you got pants and a hat to match, or that s**t will just look silly, yo"
For any resistance other than physical and blunt. Good set to get, and looks awesome too, like an Arabian wanderer..
and pretend that i'm altair
Dont get blood on it
You should stop wearing your mom's panties, then.
Yeah you phucking ******, deal with it.
As you once did for vacuous Rom, grant us panties, grant us panties!
This attire looks *****. Looks like you are wearing your mom's panties.
Fear the Old Blood, it does not wash well!
Um, I think I found a glitch. I put the set into my chest and when I went to take it out it turned into the Black Church set.
This is my first play through and I already have the black church set in my inventory. Anyone else have this issue?
That's rather difficult to do in Yharnam
...and messengers don't sell Oxi Clean



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Vision of Ezio Auditore build...
Does anyone notice that the female version of this armor looks like what Ebrietas is wearing?