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Does that dog give you more than double of the blood echoes than the other dogs
Why are the dogs even attacking us or even so powerful? I mean, if beasthood is caused by blood transfusion the dogs can't be beasts, and they're still so strong. It does say Rabid Dogs but if that were the case then why do they only attack the player? I'm just saying, it doesn't make much lore sense.
Actually it does. The thing that turns you into a beast is in the blood. So if anyone gets blood into them they start to turn. The dogs would be used to bite the beasts to try to kill them.
There are three, not two types of dogs. In hemwhick the dogs are black with ropes holding knives to them
Six! In the dlc there are dobermen too
IIRC the ones accompanying the snatchers outside the Hypogean Gaol are grey and shaggy, too. I think it might be safe to say there's a different dog variant for every major area of the game in which they appear.
Five types actually, a demon dogs in some chalices that have horns and breathe fire (mobs not bosses) and white, very hairy dogs too, which are also found in chalices.
Those are covered as other kinds of dogs. Look up hunting dogs and Keeper dogs. Those are the types you guys are talking about.
Extra Trivia: The breed of the Rabid Brown Dog variant at least appears to be an Irish Wolfhound.
FromSoft LOVES their staggering BS don't they?
"I'm approaching the rabid dog now."