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Rommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im meditating
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By Anonymous
Seems like the devs were really excessive with the minions on this fight, especially since they do so much damage so you don't really have time to focus on the boss when you're just taking down all the minions to give you time to breath, really is one of the worst fights in the game.

Definitely bring friends, or just wait patiently for people to join who aren't going to immediately leave.
By Anonymous
You can also just ignore the minions, dodge constantly to one side, and attack Rom when there's an opening. I killed her first try without killing any little spiders.
By Anonymous
ikr, feels like they didn't think it was hard enough,so they put they spiders, but that wasn't hard enough, so they just made them insta-kill anyone below 50 vitality.
By Anonymous
In my first playthrough right now, Rom is actually ridiculously easy imo. the first 2 attempts I had i just ignored the spiderlings and went only for her, but after i decided to be patient and kill all the spiders individually, the fight is extremely easy. Just hit 2-4 times and then back up and dodge, rinse and repeat. 20 vitality, 12 endurance, 25 skill
By Anonymous
I was able to pull off strat 5 with the 2H hunter’s axe by killing all of her spiderlings and then spamming her until she died. I may have gotten lucky but no charged attacks were necessary. She never even got the chance to teleport and it trivialized the entire encounter.
By Anonymous
This boss is at its easiest solo, but if you're having trouble with crowd control and need a summon, use Damien. He can hold his own in NG+1, dish out decent damage, and uses the Choir Bell to heal you when you start to get low on health. He's definitely more effective than the Younger Madaras Twin, Henryk, or even both of them together. The pair of them together raise the boss's health too far for them to be helpful and neither can hold their own in the fight. Idk about Damien and one of the others together, but you'll do alright with just Damien watching your back. \[T]/
By Anonymous
Due to affiliations, you cannot summon both Henryk/Madaras AND Dmien, it's either/or. So forget the two schmucks and grab Damien.
By Anonymous
**** this guy right in the ear. I'm stuck on this douche bag.
By Anonymous
If you're still stuck I'm down to help. Psn: UrbainGuerilla
By Anonymous
If you are willing to do things a tad bit out of order, you *can* get your weapon to at least +8 with upgrade mats in the dlc (no dlc bosses necessary).
By Anonymous
i died to that piece of **** 20+ times
for comparison, orphan killed me 12 times
By Anonymous
For phase one- Kill the minions, pop a beast blood pellet, de-equip weapon, slap the **** out of it's head until your beasthood meter is full, re-equip weapon, use bolt paper, and spam r1 on it's body. Works best if you've also gotten all the bloodstone chunks you can from cainhurst, forbidden woods, and dlc (if you have it) too.
By Anonymous
Love circling around them for 5 minutes to get an opening and than getting killed by a single attack
By Anonymous
Elden Ring moment
By Pantreus
I got lucky, as I think I have done throughout most of the game. I don't think I'm good at all, but I've made myself a bit of a tank. 50 vit, 39 str and 16 end going into the fight with a +6 hunter's axe. Didn't have much luck killing smaller spiders, didn't try to learn any patterns. I just went nuts and summoned an old hunter which took a lot of aggro from Rom. I used 2 bolt paper during the battle, never having used it before and not knowing if I even should. Used 17 blood vials and somehow dealt the final blow just when I thought I was getting killed.

So I guess the point is that if you have a summon pulling Rom's meteor showers, your vit is high enough and you heal often, you don't even need to be gud for this fight.
Or maybe I'm slightly good, but I'm pretty sure I'm just reckless and lucky.
By Anonymous
I can't tell if this boss is easy or hard. I seem to one shot Rom or get killed over and over
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