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By Anonymous
The entire concept of this bossfight is simply to make the encounter as tedious and cumbersome as possible. I understand that you're fighting a tank that has its own army of protectors, but every aspect of the fight just exudes passivity.
If you stand a couple of meters away from Rom and his spiders, nothing will ever happen. They will never attack. They just skitter around and never attack. It perfectly mirrors the tedium of the whole encounter.
By Anonymous
Just get behind the spiders with a Kirkhammer +10 hammer smash and one-shot them one by one. Then likewise on Rom, but with charged R2 smashes. Just gotta be patient and methodical!
By Anonymous
Me omw to beat 90% of the dlc so I can get blood rock for +10 hammer to kill Rom
By Anonymous
You can't +10 the kirkhammer until after defeating rom and who the hell would go through almost all the dlc just to kill rom
By Anonymous
I was fighting the Lower Pthumeru Chalice version and it started to constantly spam it arcane projectiles, so I hid behind a column until it stopped. After a while it didn't cast anymore arcane attacks, had run out of manna / MP (?) Not sure if it was a bug or not.
By Anonymous
This saved my life in the dungeon. Hide behind the columns to regroup!
By Anonymous
Yo....f*** this boss.
By Anonymous
how the hell was this thing once a women
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Try thunder but also, stunlock
By Anonymous
i hope everybody who was involved with developing this boss gets curb stomped
By Anonymous
Holy ****ing **** shes a mealy bug
By Anonymous
My biggest problem with this boss is that it's entirely a test of patience which means that it's incredibly tedious. The first form is fairly easy, but still can take a while because you have to take your time killing the dozen spiders she summons. In all of the following rounds you either have to take your time killing the spiders while avoiding overpowered death missiles (which takes forever and is basically the game just wasting the player's time) or try to deal enough damage on the first round and try to dodge past the spiders to kill her when she reappears. If you try to use the first strategy, the boss instantly stops being fun as soon as you have to try a second time because of how ****ing tedious it is. The second strategy is slightly more bearable, but still remains fairly tedious due to the need to kill the spiders in the first round. The only exception is if you have enough DPS to kill her before she can start any of the later rounds because at least then you win the first time and it doesn't have time to become too awful.
By Anonymous
You do not need to kill any of the smaller spiders, I killed her last night without killing any of them, don’t lock on to anything and choose a good time to run through them and attack her side a few times and quickly run away. It’s a little tedious but no more tedious than what your describing
By Anonymous
Rom, the Vacuous ******* is the dumbest possible boss to put in a cramped chalice boss room. Ripping my hair out fighting this f***er.
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