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By Anonymous
Old Hunter’s Bone makes this boss fight a breeze. Just rush the boss.
By Anonymous
Yeah, this is the worst boss in the game. At least the witches are a pushover
By Augur
Peak chalice dungeon
By Anonymous
This boss is fun if you aren't f*cking around with trying to kill all the minion spiders. It's a blast trying to avoid the crowd, get your hits on Rom and get out before she explodes or rolls or whatever. I found this one of the more chaotically fun bosses in the game so far.
By Anonymous
Save yourself the trouble, summon the NPC. This boss is outright not worth your time.
By Anonymous
not hard but not fun. beautiful arena though.
By Anonymous
really fun boss fight once i over came the arachnophobia aspect. spiders scare the **** out of me
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