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After I defeated Rom and watched the cutscene, I was still there in Moonlight Lake. The Queen was also still there but just crying the same as before the cutscene. I had to use the lamp to leave and was lost on what to do next for a day or two, until I looked online that I was supposed to be transported in front of Yahar'ghul. Anyone else experience this issue?
It's not a bug. It happened to me my first playthrough too. I don't know what exactly triggers the auto-teleport to the Unseen Village, though.
But anyway one of the NPCs tells you where to go, so no reason to get lost.
The tonsil stone maybe? Amygdala is usually involved in unexpected teleports.when you are teleported, you end up very near one.
Executioner Gloves destroyed her.
They tend to do that alot, on everything. If you can get them before the boss, they can be an invaluable tool to an Arcane build.
In Chalice dungeons, if you hug one of the pillars, keeping it between yourself and Rom, the meteors she fires will spawn just before it and crash into it, keeping you safe! Much easier than running around in the tiny chalice boss room.
If you don't get greedy and use the one hit and run away tactic then Rom (only on the lake at Byrgenwyrth) is one of the easiest bosses in the game. I use the transformed hunter's axe to run behind the spider mobs and use the L2 attack to one-shot them from behind. I kill the first and second waves, then leave the third wave alive while I run in and give her one hit at a time with the untranformed axe and run out, Key to this strategy is to not lock on to anything, and not to get greedy. If she starts to do ANY of her attacks, run away from the melee range AOEs or sideways around her in a circle for the ice blocks that fall from the sky. You should take very little damage.

This strategy works even if you don't kill any of the spiderlings, but it becomes harder to find a way in to attack her without getting cornered by the spiders.
Occasionally, if you use either the Music Box or the Shining Coins during the boss fight during the first phase (once you've killed all the little spiders), Rom will stay still and will continue to stare at the player for a short time.

Useless but interesting behavior.
She keeps her spiderlings in the way fear maybe? And only has one attack she just fires it in a different direction plus she's constantly moving away fleeing
Some theories say rom is an infant, great one, or a kin that recently ascended to great one and isn't mature. Which is why she bleeds great one red blood and kin serum blood. Note that is helpless against you at first, then when pushed, she tries to avoid you and most of her attacks look very sloppy, though they hurt like a *****. Plus she also looks sort of like a caterpillar, though her name says spider. Anyway this behavior might be due to that.
Is Cutest and Bestest girl.
If it were smaller and didn't have a creepy mouth the patato would be cute
Also Girlest, probably. And definitely Romest.
after the fight isnt there suppose to be a blood moon, cuz im not seeing it, nor am i seeing the things on the cathedral ward
Also Girlest, probably. And definitely Romest.
Rom is love. Rom is waifu. Cutest, Bestest, Spiderest.
I don't know what happened but I was able to kill her without her teleporting once.

I summoned the Old Hunter with the threaded cane and went in to fight her. We took care of the spiders around her then I buffed my Kirkhammer with Fire Paper (Couldn't buy any Bolt Paper, not enough Blood echos) and went towards her, she ran back and kept doing so until she ran into the invisible wall of the area.

Once she couldn't move I started wailing on her with R2 and some L2 combos. When she reached about 1/2 health I got ready to start hitting her as she was going to teleport but she never did. I kept going until I killed her.

Maybe making her back against the invisible wall messed her up or something but yeah I killed her without her teleporting or her even attacking me and it was pretty awesome.
So i beat this boss easily first try on one char, then suddenly now i'm getting my butt wiped with a different character, even though this char has felt more optimized and solid in every other encounter so far :O Such an annoying fight! >_> *****ed spiders and blocks of ice!
great ones above, i hope you meant getting your butt *whipped. wiped brings an entirely different image to mind
Use bolt paper to wipe*
Use bolt paper to wipe*
Use a tonitris and keep it buffed take spiders first and beat on her torso and she's a pushover I kinda feel bad she's week and looks like a massive potato if she were smaller that patato would be cute enough to kill any player
Beat up the spiders first, makes it easier. Use bolt paper and hit and run.
Use bolt paper to wipe*
the brain fluid's description talks about a man that wanted to become a doctor, and his younger sister. could it be that the man was willem, and his younger sister was rom?
Could be, the rom having two bloods, red great one and serum kim blood could mean she just ascended from kin to great one, plus her form looks like a caterpillar and her sloppy moves are infantile. Our character does get the childhood beginning trophy on third ending,,suggesting that you start as a baby if you become a great one.Willem is also known for valuing insight and ascension as kin over old blood as beasthood. However this poses a new question, why does Willem reveal roms location? It's as if he tells us to kill her. Did they grow apart? Did ascension to great one change the mind of Rom, which is why she holds the veil and blocks the blood moon? Maybe Willem could no longer talk w her and stopping mergo was more important.