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By Anonymous
I dont know valtr...'ve been seeming kinda sus lately...
...almost like we have a beast among us.
By Anonymous
Sometimes I wonder, how malnourished this guy was when he ate an ENTIRE beast
By Anonymous
I think he did it out of madness, when the beast killed all his compatriots.
By Anonymous
if you want to get the moonlight blade early this guy will make your life 10x easier
By Anonymous
I made a character based off this guy and for some reason that was the character that allowed me to win the game.
By Anonymous
Probably because Havel the Rock has nothing on Valtr's tankiness and damage output, while Valtr can still roll like he's wearing nothing but his skivvies.
By Anonymous
Hand it over, that thing, your cool helmet
By Anonymous
I CANNOT exaggerate how useful this guy is as a summon for ludwig he actually does damage and doesn't die in 2 minutes
By Anonymous
Thank you for changing my life!
By GreySkale45
This man is a stone-cold FOX under that helmet!
By Anonymous
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