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By Anonymous
He’s Bashar al-Assad with a Jesus haircut
By Anonymous
Valtr is Jesus.
By Anonymous
Lore thought, Is the eye of a blood drunk hunter valtr's eye, In the impurity rune it is stated that the healing church searched a man and found vermin (and the impurity rune) It also states valtr lost his ability to see vermin. A better take on this is in this video
By Anonymous
In his beast eater form, he has 2 eyes
By Anonymous
Im pretty sure it is Valtr eye and that Hunter dream is linked to the Quest of Valtr to eat Laurence.
Valtr is Jesus.
By Anonymous
Valtr, the Beast Eater seems to be a very young man, whereas the Master of the League is clearly a much older guy. Also, the Iron Bucket helm says it's original owner must've only had one eye, and we know Valtr is the first of the League Hunters since he first started seeing Vermin, as the Impurity rune was "discovered within the forbidden beast eater".

So, yes, it may be Valtr's eye and now I like to imagine it is.
By Anonymous
The voice acting is f’ing perfect. The rage when he speaks about beasts and vermin followed by the maniac laughter when he talks about the mission to destroy it all.
By Anonymous
He actually changes his name to "valtr, beast eater" because he finally got the bucket off his head and is hungry from having it stuck there all night
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By kroger
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He's probably not thirsty though since he can stick a straw through the little hole
By Anonymous
Deepest lore
By Anonymous
Valtr is probably one of the most badass characters in Soulsborne games
By Anonymous
He isn't even the most bad *** in Bloodborne. Eileen would have something to say about that.
By Anonymous
LMAO he looks like such a nerd
By Anonymous
you look like such a nerd. nerd.
By Anonymous
lmao lmao lmao
By Anonymous
This man just sacrificed himself so I could finish off Laurence! What a legend.
By Anonymous
10 Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos in Seconds (Even With the Infinity Gauntlet)
By Anonymous
he helped me kill ludwig at level 35 :D
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