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By Anonymous
That first photo of just a close up of his face is so unbelievably ugly and cursed why is it there
By Anonymous
Give him a kiss
By Anonymous
“Even the doll, should it please you..” Romance scene when?
By Anonymous
It always comes down to the Hunter's helper to clean up after these sort of messes. Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt...
By Anonymous
the one boss in bloodborne the player actually feels sorry for
By Anonymous
He does the joy gesture when he's defeated
By Anonymous
"Oh, Laurence... Master Willem... Somebody help me... Unshackle me please, anybody... I've had enough of this dream... The night blocks all sight... Oh, somebody, please... "

At these words, for the first time in a long time, I felt real pity and a certain sadness. I know it's a game, but in the end no one deserves such a fate. Gherman, first hunter and mentor to many good hunters. The night was long and the hunt. Now I bid you farewell. May you find your salvation in the waking world.
By Anonymous
I don’t know why but I still haven’t gotten this dialogue
By Anonymous
Outside his house if one has 15 Insight or above and Amelia is met:
Oh, Laurence... what's taking you so long... I've grown too old for this, of little use now, I'm afraid..."

This just happened to me but I only had 4 insight. It was right after I loaded into the game, I last stopped in front of the Workshop and the dialogue played right after I loaded in.
By Anonymous
British "people" be like: *decapitates you*
By Anonymous
British people when someone says they enjoy the dentist
By Anonymous
i wish he was my grandpa :(
By Anonymous
Man in wheelchair.
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