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By Anonymous
This weapon really revealed how many people don't know how apostrophe's work.
By Anonymous
It's Fromsoft that doesn't know how apostrophes work. Omitting the s after the apostrophe is only for possessive forms of plural nouns. Because Logarius is singular, it should be "Logarius's Wheel." Makes sense I guess for balancing this otherwise perfect weapon.
By Anonymous
An unbelievable missed opportunity to not have the running R2 be the Bonewheel attack
By Anonymous
Ahh, a fine weapon. Use it to make Father Mozgus proud
By Anonymous
ah yes, L2 spam and then the running R1
By Anonymous
Hunter wheel, hunter deal
By Anonymous
With 50 Strength and 99 Arcane, this thing is easily the hardest hitting weapon in my arsenal when tricked, hitting upwards of 1.4k with a strong attack, and that's without the l2 buff. It's got pretty good range on it's attacks, solid hyper armour and the roll attacks are nice and quick. Only downside is it's relatively slow speed and the need for nourishing gems to get good damage on it, so you'll probably need to grind the chalices especially if your build is arcane focused. Also killing your enemies with a mf wheel is just strangely cathartic. Maybe Logarius was onto something
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I know it doesn't count as a shield but this is what I used in my ''All Soulsborne shield only'' since you can't attack with the wooden shield
By Anonymous
Given the Wheel's size, shape, and how it's held in its base form, it would be reasonable to give it the ability to block attacks like the Wooden Shield. If it had the same damage reduction percentages as the Wooden Shield, it wouldn't be unbalancing but would add an additional tactical dimension that could be interesting to play.
By Anonymous
“In real life, although WHEELs weren't typically WHEELded as weapons,”
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