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By Anonymous
Wtf is beserk, cool weapon though
By Anonymous
My dude, best I can describe Berserk as is grimdark fantasy along the lines of Soulsborne games, though it predates them by a large margin.

The series had its own Lovecraftian elements in the form of a group of malevolent entities known as the God Hand and the corrupted humans that they help empower, called apostles.

It follows a mercenary who gets swept up in supernatural events and ends embroiled in battle against the God Hand and their apostles, as well as all manner of other supernatural horrors.

The world begins not unlike our own during the dark ages, very mundane with supernatural events being rather rare, but is progressively transformed until the veil between the spirit realm and our reality is torn asunder.

If you like the lore and style of the Soulsborne games, and don't mind anime/manga, you'll probably like Berserk.

The 2016/2017 anime covers the soulslike arcs, though not very well and it made some poor design choices with the art, but if you can past that, it's not bad.

There's also an older anime that covers the "Golden Age" arc, as well as a set of 4 movies that do the same. Both have their pros and cons, but neither is bad.

The manga is outstanding if you like the media, But it can be a bit jarring and tedious if you're not used to its formatting.

If anime/manga isn't your thing, then it might not be for you. But if you give it a shot, you'll see a ton of things that inspired elements in the From Software games.

Happy hunting.
By Anonymous
Beserk is a manga
By Anonymous
I don't think such a long explanation was necessary 22march anon
By Anonymous
berserk is a cartoon
By Anonymous
Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin
By Anonymous
Just got the Uncanny Wheel from the 2nd glyph. Thank you SO MUCH!!
By Anonymous
Sometimes I forget this does Arcane damage and not Blood dmg
By Anonymous
why cant I weild 2 in each hand and use them to wheel around yharnam

also gavlan wheel gavlan deal
By Anonymous
We reporting about a man who thinks he is a motorcycle
By Anonymous
Reject the old blood, become car.
By Anonymous
Spin to win? Spin to win.
By Anonymous
This weapon is.....

The wheel deal
By Anonymous
Wheely good
By Anonymous
Does the "first transfromation-no damage" thing work? Is it true it doesn't eat your health as long as you're under 1000HP?
By Smol
it eats your health?
By Anonymous
It definitely works, I use it all the time in FRCs and the first rev consumes no hp
By Anonymous
everytime you press L2 while tranformed your hunter will spin the wheel and start absorving up to 4% of your hp continuously.

and yeah if your health is below 999 it doesnt take health on the first spin but will begin on the second. be careful... or dont since this beautie here is the only weapon with actual lif steal inbued to it
By Anonymous
You Wheel? You Deal!
By Anonymous
Huh, so this was the WHEEL Gavlan was talking about...
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