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By Anonymous
i was grinding chalice dungeon for tring to get to lv 200 and i got a blackout and my save got corrupted ( also i litteraly needed to talk to germhan for the first ending and my SECOND save file got cancelled too)
By Anonymous
Imagine if Bloodborne as similar NG+ like Dragon's Dogma, where the final boss is your character from previous playthrough. For those unaware, in Dragon's Dogma, the final boss is an 'arisen', or the title given to our player, and once we beat them we take their place. Once we initiated NG+ and got to the endgame, the final boss will be our character from the previous playthrough, complete with the armor and weapons we used.

Would make sense since on the Honoring Wishes ending we take Gehrman's place to become the watcher. I wouldn't even mind if on NG+ the watcher no longer has voicelines since they're now our player character. Though it would somewhat suck if we can no longer fight Gehrman, I think it's still quite an interesting NG+ gimmick to have considering the implications of each endings.
By Anonymous
This wouldn't make sense because bosses won't resurrect
By Anonymous
I think you missed the implications..
By Anonymous
Gehrman is easy, so maybe that would be a good idea.
By Anonymous
I've looked around for a bit and haven't seen anyone else mention the parallel between the sunrise ending and spiritual awakening. There are many traditions that point to the necessity of surrendering the ego entirely in order to fully awaken to life as it is.

This is the only game that I've ever played where after living through a literal nightmare, you are offered the chance to let yourself die. (We don't talk about mass effect anymore, don't bring up starchild, I'll stab u). Sacrificing yourself for everyone to have a happy ending is cliche, but the hunter is offered the ability to sacrifice themself *for their own sake*. Surrendering the character we have created, that we have so painstakingly fought to build up and survive. Only by choosing to let the character die can we truly awaken to who we really are and be present for the light of the morning sun. (#praisethesun)
By Anonymous
Yes, you must become one of the greatest hunters to ever live in order to do what the moon presence wishes and stop the ritual of Mensis. But then you must give up yourself and return to the waking world, becoming who you were before the Dream once again.
By Anonymous
When born as a cosmic being of pure mind, you can now dream a better dream. Instead of a Nightmare.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can anyone tell me if you can get Gehrmans scythe?
By Anonymous
yeah if you kill him
By Anonymous
Or in dungeons
By Anonymous
If you kill him then watch the credits a new game plus loads and you can buy it the shop there. Also I. New game plus all the enemy's are stronger so
By Anonymous
Tentacle squid ending….tentacles…tentacle…the squid gets picked up by a cute doll girl….…if anime has taught me anything its that this wont end well…
By Anonymous
kill yourself
By Anonymous
so can someone explain something to me?
when you get the bad ending you go to the city and the night is finally over
what happens when you die in the city without the dream? you just die forever or you wake up from the dream and awake in the actuall world? ( our world)
i am super confused
please help
By Anonymous
You die forever, you become like the other hunters you see in the story like Alfred and Crow lady. They were also released from the dream, probably in the same way you were
By Anonymous
There is no "good" or "bad" ending
By Anonymous
"No more dreams for me, this is my last chance." -Eileen The Crow
By Anonymous
the "bad" ending is the best ending imo
By Anonymous
There is no "bad" or "goog" ending
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By MaryTheWaifu
I always viewed the "Yharnam Sunrise" ending as the true ending, since it's the only one that The Doll refers to in NG+. It's also the only one that makes sense, if one views NG+ as canonical.
By Anonymous
I wouldn’t say ‘true ending’, it reinforces the endless cycle that the Hunters are cursed to endure for sure. But I think the true ending is the secret one since by becoming a Great Oneand supplanting the Moon Presence presumably you can ‘Dream’ a better dream after everything you’ve experienced and learnt.
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