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what the topic said
Does anybody else get the impression that the rarity of this item might indicate something? As in, the item may have an alternate use aside from gaining two insight.
I accidently sold all 6 of mine. I thought is was buying some.
It does :P
Yeah, that's exactly why I came here, to check that out, didn't want to use mine.
Yeah, that's exactly why I came here, to check that out, didn't want to use mine.
Mother Brain? Really? It's The Brain of Mensis
I'm not the original author but I changed it to the more common name and also made it a link
Just a lurker here that still loves Bloodborne to death, but I've got an Isz Chalice dungeon that holds at least 4 of these bad boys. If you want to farm a few, type in this glyph:


Two Great One's Wisdom can be found in the third layer right next to each other. But, stay cautious. There are more than a few "Witch of Hemwicks" that summon Mad Ones in some rather heinous locations.
Nice! Thanks-
Another lurker, I think I know what the knowledge says when they are used, something along the lines of "Seek out the old hunters." Just a lil tidbit.
eyes inside your skull... in-sight
I'm pretty sure I got one from the celestial mobs, I don't know if it's a drop, or if I found it on a corpse near the loot, in the Isz chalice layer 3.
If you need to farm these with minimum effort, there’s a chalice glyph (code: p2tbyhr2, same code used to get +100 Eye Rune early, video on youtube). Use this chalice glyph and enter the area to the left of where you spawn. When you reach the room with 4 chests that has the Eye Rune +100, it will give you Great One’s Wisdom if you’ve already collected the rune. Leave the dungeon and remove the chalice, then simply create it again using the code. Rinse, wash, repeat. I’m farming Great One’s Wisdom this way and so far i have 11. Just beware that enemies can be a little tough in this glyph, so don’t go too far
Code is p2tbyrh2, sorry! Mixed up the h and r lol
Galaxy brain moment incoming