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By Anonymous
my sword has a gun on it
By Anonymous
Slaying beasts and kin alike with my rapier wit and even rapier smile
By Anonymous
I put murky gems in mine and it's pretty savage. If you roll into things while not locked on you will inflict poison. Regular melee attacks while locked on will also inflict poison. It won't make your bullets poisonous BUT your consumable poisonous throwing knives are suddenly MUCH more useful and have great range. Everything has different poison resistance (players included) and some critters are immune.

I keep it transformed for pistol utility and the fast dagger swipes. For left-hand the cannons, repeater or loch shield are all good choices. Hunter's pistol and evelyn not so much IMO, you don't want 2 pistols. Also with this poison setup the rosmarinus is actually pretty sneaky due to the quick-response AoE.

I don't really rate the un-transformed mode, but the R2 charged is pretty fast and direct. Saves bullets. Overall the reiter is a great combo weapon and a must-try for any cannon/repeater fetishist.
By Cezlock
My absolute favorite weapon in the game and the one that got me through all the chalices

It's also kind of funny how easily Micolash gets decimated by the tricked form of this weapon; there's literally nothing he can do as long as you have stamina to keep swinging
By Anonymous
Gonna name my character Wynne and use this weapon hehehe
By Anonymous
This weapon is incredibly well-designed if you use it alongside the Chikage. Quick slashes and thrusts are all you're ever going to need for most mobs, and that's precisely what both trick modes offer. The only downside is its short reach, which makes crowd control difficult, but you can easily mitigate that by sniping targets with your overpowered Evelyn or the Reiterpallasch itself. Using it for regular enemies also lets you save your Chikage's durability for big targets or bosses, and will allow you to invest fully into Blood damage on the latter. A good sidearm all around. Just, uh, don't try to make it your main weapon.
By Anonymous
A combo followed by a visceral with this is one of the most satisfying things in the game, super fun weapon overall
By Anonymous
Is there any NPC that wields this weapon?
By Anonymous
The only thrusting sword... weird to think that demon's souls has more thrusting swords than this game lol
By Anonymous
Why is that weird? That's a fantasy game this is a gothic game. That makes perfect sense.
By Anonymous
I'll take the best rapier in the series over five recolors and a choice between mediocre R2 thrust or mediocre R2 swipe. Quality over quantity!
By Anonymous
Demon's Souls has more weapons than this game, full stop. Bloodborne leans toward making its weapons unique and giving them sophisticated movesets, while the Souls games (and now Elden Ring) emphasize providing more diversity.
By Anonymous
Best weapon against single humanoid targets like Micolash and the NPC hunters, just spam the Transformed R1 and *****slap them all to death XD
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