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By Anonymous
Man I hope that if there’s a blood born 2 I REALLY hope these things aren’t tired to rng drops again. Make them rewards for dungeons in a guaranteed form
By Anonymous
Would It be dumb to ONLY use cursed gems? (Only stamina curse ones) Or use a mix of basic & cursed gems?
By Anonymous
I wish you could organize more the gems in you inventory, its such a mess after a while
By Anonymous
I just sell my extras like most level (1) or (2)'s i just pitch to the messengers
By Anonymous
Quick question: if I use a gem that converst phisical damage to elemental and only gives the weapon arc scaling, would putting a heavy or sharp gem on it as well make it scale with both arc and str/sex?
By Anonymous
It would but unless you grind out some serirous scaling gems it will not be worth teying to add to a weapon that dosent allready have some form of that scaling
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