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the odd or "+xx.x " blood gems, as far as guns go, are better for the "shotgun" weapons.... at least i think so.. adding 20 points to each "pellet" or whatevs.. better than 20% of 40, yeah?
yes! This makes the rifle spear very powerful and can kill people in two hits if you add flat arcane to it.
What does this do to the gem?
Damp simply means that the rating of the gem is between 11-19. It usually indicates a stronger gem than normal, although in certain cases I've had 7s (not damp) stronger than 11s (damp).



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When you put a gem that increases stamina cost it will increase the cost of stamina for run and side step as well regardless where its alocated.



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Are you sure that stamina gems affect your running and dodging stamina usage? I haven't really noticed that... But I could be wrong, didn't really test it.
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Is it possible to find gems that add both % and flat arcane damage sorta like the double phys cursed gems? I would like to put them on the kos parasite for a broccoli build but all I have are a few flats and some rather meh at best %s
Yeah, you can find one in the Fishing Hamlet (I think). However, to use it with Kos Parasite you need either an Uncanny or Lost version, as the gem is Trianglular.
Of course. The second (and curse-) effect are random, if you're lucky you get one with 2 times the same damage type
I got a blood gem that says " Phys. Up at full HP ". Does that mean when I am at full health the physical damage of the weapon increases? Feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
yes it does
yes it does
Should addto the circle gems. Taken from Game FAQs.

Bloodtinge Circle rarity 18, 31.5% (Shotgun fatty guarding the coffin,1st bonus area Layer 1)Pthumeru Ihyll F/C : e99tdh9f
The one guarding the coffin at the isz dungeon mentioned above is a much easier run though, you ryn past two enemies then hello fatty.
I have str 30 and 40 arcane, Im using Ludwig Holyblade +10, with 2 radial and 1 waning slots, What gems do you sugest to use with this buld?
That build would be better suited to using the Moonlight Sword with Nourishing gems.
Uh, you have an odd build, but with assumably low skill (base?) you might want to use arcane damage, arcane/fire/bolt will benefit you most.
sounds like the perfect logarius wheel build if you ask me, so you mght wanna consider switching to that weapon and getting both stats to 50 if thats still within an appropriate level range, and then switching between transformed for enemies weak or neutral to arcane and using untransformed for enemies strong against arcane.
Does anyone know a good place to get decent gems that add either slow/rapid poison build up
Madmen (sage hair guys) in Loran can drop +7 Rapid & +6 slow as a secondary. They also drop 16.8 Rapid and 14 Slow Waning. For radial slow poison gems look for Rats with a purple aura, Radial Rapid look for fat scorpions. Search Youtube and you should come across a few farming videos.
Just got a bloodtinge gemstone off of an enemy in the old hunters dlc. I've been looking on the web to see where I could farm more but seems like they're very rare seeing as this site doesn't even have it. So I'm just letting people know they're out there. I'd add a picture of the gem description but I don't know how to, so this will have to do.

Name: Damp Bloodtinge Gem (5)
Rating: 16
Shape: Waning
Effects: Blood ATK up +16.4%, add blood ATK +6.3
Farming (circular) Bloodtinge gemstones (and getting good ones) isn't hard.You want them mainly for your gun or Lost Chikage/Bowblade (circular imprint).If you want to farm out of shape (radial,waning,triangle) Bloodtinge gems though,you're in for a world of hurt.Obviously only kinda worth it if you have high bloodtinge and you're using only the 2h Chikage or Bow form of Bowblade (dunno about Bloodletter).I don't think that there are areas you can farm those outside of chalices.
Use this glyph y592byza .It's a triple rited Cursed Isz Root chalice.After the first lamp go to the first bonus room (open the first gate on your right).Pass the hallway (beware of mobs),turn right and enter the door you see.Turn left and go up the stairs.Kill the Merciless Watcher gun mob.Profit...One run lasts less than 1 minute minute with loading times.Kill mob>Bold hunter mark to reawaken>rinse and repeat.
He mostly drops ritual blood,circular bloodtinge gems,warm blood gems,vials or bullets.But there is this chance ,that you might get a 30.4% or 31.5% bloodtinge gem.It could be 1/99, 2/99 or 1/500 or whatever tries.If you want that gem badly, just don't give up.Mind you that these are cursed gems.So they come with a curse like atk vs kin or beast down,wpn durability down,increase stamina cost,hp deplete.The only non acceptable is hp deplete and probably attack vs beasts down for PvE.Best are like increase stamina cost or atk vs kin down,since these are the least found enemies.
Also having high discovery helps.So equip 3 eye runes for better results.
I get 31.5 damp blood gems for the gun from the fat watcher near the lever mentioned above regularly, the drop isn't 100-1 or anything mad like that. now and again you get vials or bullets but mostly gems