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By Anonymous
I love the communion best, not only for healing but extra bullets too. Gotta put that A Call Beyond I grinded 40 arcane for to good use.
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By Grim_Reaper
Essential content (runes, blood gems, weapons) hidden away in the Chalice Dungeons forcing you to get PS+ and to study Chalice Dungeon Diving ... Bestest game
By Anonymous
How is it essential? Those are for grinding best possible stats and variating the build a bit. These are flavours on the top, you don't need them to do everything in the game, with the exception of perhaps hi-end pvp, which is itself gated behind ps+
By Anonymous
Sounds salty
By Anonymous
You can run randomly generated chalices to get these, you're not "forced" to buy or study anything.
By Anonymous
If you cant afford $60 a year for PS+ time to work more and play less vidya games.
By Anonymous
Looks like alot of ppl took him seriously lol
By Anonymous
Found a glyph with both tier 3 great lake and tier 3 great deep sea in an isz chalice. Glyph is pivh6vix
By Anonymous
One is on layer one and layer two. Can't remember which tho
By Anonymous
NVM I accidentally deleted it like a dumbass lol
By Anonymous
Deleat this OP comment. The chalice is gone.
By Anonymous
ok but what’s the coolest looking rune? i think moon is
By Anonymous
Beast tier 3, Oedon Writhe tier 3 and Milkweed
By Anonymous
Oedon writhe, blood rapture
By Anonymous
why didnt they just do this for elden ring wtf
By Anonymous
Theyre called talismans fam
By Anonymous
These would make great tattooes
By Anonymous
i mean lore wis you tatoo them into your brainz so i wouldnt do that if i were u
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