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By Anonymous
15% more Life, 10% more Life and 20% more stamina is the best on high level builds.
By Anonymous
My setup is More money, more money, and more money. They stack.
By Anonymous
Max0r Moment
By Anonymous
Blood rapture
Oedeon writhe
And Heir
(i like to see the bosses BLEED)
By Anonymous
or put clawmark
By Anonymous
they bleed more aswell
By Anonymous
formless oedon, communion and guidance

By Anonymous
My Runesetup is always Clockwise, Anticlockwise and Great Lake. I like to have some defensive boosts with me. Covenant Rune is Corruption because of free Insight after a Hunter kill.
By Anonymous
Lmao its like your playing expecting to get hit
By Anonymous
07 Feb
i mean... is that unreasonable? not a build i'd use but still
By Anonymous
20 apr as soon as you have all moon runes you switch out and never look back
By Anonymous
will elden ring's covenants act the same way bloodborne's do? i'd hate to have yet again all my characters in the same covenant just for the sake of faster stamina recovery
By Anonymous
If it takes the same steps as Dark Souls III it won't take effect on you stats, only on your status as an online player
By Anonymous
"On a theoretical physicist level, your character memorizes swift lines and fridge drawings created by gods for passive bonuses that works regardless of weaponry.
My favorites are more money, more money, and MORE MONEY- they stack."
By Eshtian
When it comes to covenants

Either 10% stamina regeneration or free insight for a hunter kill
By Anonymous
I'm always on the free Insight part.
By Anonymous
Runes I used
formless Oedon, Communion and great lake/ guidance
By Anonymous
Who asked?
By Anonymous
Can you have more than 3 rune slots?
By Anonymous
You get 3 standard rune slots and 1 covenant tube slot. Cannot upgrade.
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