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By Anonymous
Darkbeast Paarl try to stay on screen for more than 2 miliseconds challenge: Impossible
By Anonymous
Yamamura summon should be added to the combat information
By Anonymous
this dude stinks!
By Anonymous
Darkbeast Caarl
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ahh, another classic FROMSoft camera boss fight! This zappy dude is also in there I guess
By Anonymous
he's such a great pal
By Anonymous
Leg breaking simulator
By Anonymous
Is it bad that i genuinely found this guy harder then orphan of kos?
By Anonymous
This guy can at least be outleveled much easier. I kinda skipped him in last playthrough and came back on lvl 90. It took 4-5 hits and he was gone.
By Anonymous
darkbeast paarl more like fartbeast carl!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous
Your life is NOTHING.

You serve ZERO purpose.

You should kill yourself NOW.

*Lightning AOE*
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