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By Anonymous
Like what's the point of having a wiki if it never gets updated/revised?
By Lexsed
Anyone can update/revise the pages. If you see something wrong feel free to correct it
By Anonymous
I triggered her second phase w/out receiving her blood. I think I had brain fluid in my inventory... even though I wasn't aware I had any in my inventory...
By Anonymous
Is it still possible to get the Milkweed rune?
By Anonymous
She csnt leave her room. Msybe it was another npc
By Anonymous
Lots of other tslking patients there. Adella is strapped and sort of stuck.
By Anonymous
It was when she was on the balcony overlooking the area where the blacksky eye is
By Anonymous
I did not kill the living failures. I just went back to the room again and the quest had progressed.
By Anonymous
If I killed the Living Failures before talking to her, can I still get the Milkweed Rune?
By Anonymous
Yes. I did her entire questline after I killed the Living Failures. To advance her phases after giving the brain fluid you only have to make the game reload (like going back to the dream or quitting and getting back, I don't know if the hunter's mark will work).
By Anonymous
I kind of felt bad for her after giving her the last brain fluid (coincidentally you get from killing her which makes me feel even worse). Anyone felt the same sad feeling?
By Anonymous
I think it is utter horsecrap that you have to reload multiple times.....if I haven't read the wiki how the hell would I know that.........or trigger it.
By Anonymous
I did a bit, but nothing you can do really. She is stuck like thst and cant leave the nightmare. Wud be nice if the hunter frees her instead and just gives her some book or some of our insight.
By Anonymous
If you have any other NPC's blood in your inventory she will NOT give you her blood. This means you cannot progress her events/dialog until using the other NPC's blood vials. Had this issue and realized I was carrying 2 other NPC blood vials. Used them both and then she gave me her blood allowing me to progress her quest line. I reloaded and tried everything else stated in this wiki and nothing except drinking the other NPC vials worked. Hope this helps some of you out.
By Anonymous
Time laps was not an issue in my game. All I had to do to keep the quest line progressing is using her blood. Not sure why wiki says otherwise. I used her blood loaded back to the area immediately and she would give me her next dialog along with blood vial.
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What are all these personal accounts and test data doing in the main page? Those can be put into the comments section instead of cluttering up the main page. The page itself is for confirmed data, not unconfirmed data or data in the process of being confirmed.
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