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Did anyone think hangman when they saw this? Pretty sure the sign is to look like that of a hanging man. If you've noticed, in the chalice dungeons, there are a bunch of corpses hanging in the form of the the sign from the ceilings of the dungeons. This may mean that the hunters have existed long before the city of Yharnam, in the time of Loran and Pthumeria
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By DarkNoobz
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more than likely this is the new Dark Sign
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Its missing like 2 lines to be the brand of Sacrifice
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i kiled the stupid pig about 9 times :'(... alll wasted
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yeah so i just threw away about 18,000 echoes before i even killed the cleric beast, i was saving up for the Blade of Mercy im level 17 i thought using the mark would just let me not go to the hunters dream and save the time loading back and forth :'(.
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Probably a reference to Berserk by Miyazaki.
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***** this game
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Git gud
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must be a pc peasant that can't play the game LUL
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PC players aren't poor like console peasants so we can afford both systems. ;) "LUL" to you kiddo.
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Sep 10 anon died of terminal virginity
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It is "dangling upside down" it is literally an upside down Tolkien rune that I can not find out what it represents I think it is to do with hunting but not sure.
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It's a dead hunter hanging upside down with the head cut off because the "beast blood" Goes to the head, sending one mad. The black church "garb" (or garb wearers) in the game was to cleanse the virus before one would become a beast.
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It also spells Blood
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fromsoftware are really super berserk fans aren't they? this mark is very similar to the sacrifice mark in berserk
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Bloodborne took it from Berserk and Berserk took it from real life. Its an Othala and an Algiz rune.
By DarkLordOfRoses
This symbol appears identically in the video "Sympathy for the Devil" by Rolling Stones.
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That was meant to be a peace symbol. Because the circle is so faded it looks like the hunters mark