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By Anonymous
I think this is meant to be Coldblood Flowerbud
By Anonymous
Absolutely shocking what a poor wiki this is.I'm looking for cold blood flower bulb and under location there are question marks as in this wiki doesn't know the location.What use is this wiki if doesn't know the location of the items.SMH TUT TUT TUT TUT amateurs.
By Anonymous
No, it's the right name. It's used in the chalice listed and it drops from the fireball throwing hunchbacks with staves on layer 3. (same mob as the one guarding layer 2 lever)
By Anonymous
The location of those flowers in Nightmare Frontier is: 1) Where Patches drop you down in the pit (you can take item after you come back) 2) When you met first Giant after tonnel, just look at the right cliff
By Anonymous
indeed loran chalic layer 3
By Anonymous
Oh, and you can buy them for insight too (not sure if it was avaliable after Amygdala of after you collect some by you own)
By Anonymous
where can i find them thow
By Anonymous
If you are in a pinch and need to farm any of the following:

Coldblood Flowerbed
Coldblood Flower Bulb
Blooming Coldblood Flower

Go to lower loran (not the root chalice), layer three.

If you go straight out of the spawn into the room across the hall and kill the two reinforcement callers, there is a door at the top that leads to two clerics on the balcony. Easy to kill and repeat farm. Drop rates aren't great but they can drop all three flower buds.