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By Anonymous
I love co-op so much it’s pure euphoria to see “discovered the chime of a beckoning bell”. I’ve helped 38+ people since it’s so fun (and I get to refight bosses)
By Anonymous
I really enjoy co opping in this game too.
I'm going to make several characters to cover as many levels as I can.
By Anonymous
"Oh boy I'm feeling so confident I'll go help some people!"
*gets one-shot immediately after entering the boss room having barely done any damage to the boss itself*
Alright, never helping people ever again, got it.
By Anonymous
Very quitter mindset.
Have have you made it this far In life by simply giving up after a first failed attempt? Esspesialy When it was all your choice and actions that got you killed?
By Anonymous
"Discovered the chime of a Beckoning Bell"
By GalacticShellder
I am confused on how this works, does the boss in my world need to be alive so I can go co-op or only in the Host's world?
By Anonymous
the boss only has to be alive in the host's world, you can still be summoned into other worlds even if you've killed the boss in that area.
By Anonymous
Dang I overleveled.. Cant help anyone anymore unless ng+
By Anonymous
good thing you join help them if they have passwords
By Anonymous
Used this bell for the first time since I got it, and you wanna know who I was summoned to? A host already with a phantom. I thought "Hey, this isn't too bad." But boy was I wrong. The other phantom did around 2.5k damage on literally any enemy; yet I did 27 damage to the rats in the sewers. I. Got. One. Shot. Blood Level 10 by the way. They were probably on some wacky NG*****.
By Anonymous
I can only guess it was some weird low level challenge run. NG+1 can already oneshot you at that level, so i guess he went into a few NG on a low level, otherwise he cant summon you.
By Anonymous
so you can summon yourself to another world to help or kill, or u can be summoned to help or kill right? to me that sounds like the best online mechanic they could have done
By Anonymous
Does it cost insight to use this item?
By Anonymous
i have 10 insight but my "use" is greyed
By Anonymous
I hope someone could help me, I can't buy sRB - its not greyed out, its just missing from the vendor. I have 15 insight, killed blood starved beast and still no bell at the Insight messanger..
By Anonymous
I take it back its 70% sorry I was wrong
By Anonymous
Please capitalize the page title; OCD is freaking out.
By Anonymous
Do you have to buy the bell again after you use it or is it infinite uses?
By Anonymous
Yes. Bells cost 1 insight point to use.
By Anonymous
One webpage said the bell has infinite usage.
By Anonymous
All bells are infinite uses, though you must consume 1 Insight to use the Beckoning Bell. The Small Resonant Bell and the Sinister Resonant Bell do NOT consume Insight.
By Anonymous
I use the bell and wait for a while but i never find anyone's world to help out. Whats wrong?
By Anonymous
Anywhere that's not a boss arena, elevator or between zones is where you can beckon or resonate
By Anonymous
when you say only in area with a boss you mean my boss has to be alive
By Anonymous
Your boss can be dead or alive to join someone, to summon someone it has to be alive though