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By Anonymous
Are we absolutely sure Chikage is "One Thousand Views" and not "Blood Wind"?
By Anonymous
Some of "us" actually know japanese and kanji, so... Yah.
By Anonymous
The kanji (the symbols used to write the sword's name in Japanese) are different. Kanji are not phonetic; you have to memorize each one individually, and sometimes pairs of kanji are read differently from the individual symbols that make up the pair.

tl;dr: Japanese names aren't written with letters.
By Anonymous
The amount of bloodstains that appear in completely passive areas because of this weapon is hilarious.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Wonder if miyazaki watched akame ga kill…
By Anonymous
The Original Rivers of Blood
By Anonymous
Can we talk about the absolute cheese this weapon is against certain enemies? Whatever can be stunned by 1 quicksilver bullet will be stunlocked by this weapon's transformed state for as long as your stamina bar lasts. Bleed kicks in the lasts hits just to add salt in the wound
By Anonymous
Bruh what are you talking about enemies don't get stunlocked, they literally get knocked away also rapid poison never activates in in this game unless you use specific gems. The only thing broken about this weapon is damage output and even then you have to spend an entire playthrough and dozens of hours grinding to make that happen. If you want to obnoxiously complain about japanese inspired weapons for some sus reason just go the the elden ring website.
By Anonymous
Great weapon, but sometimes if you try to L1+R2 charge too quickly it wont register and you will just get slaughtered while you’re standing there. Its weird, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. On PS5 tried it with multiple controllers, same issue. May be an issue with the adaptive triggers, either way its very annoying and frustrating
By GhostPrime
I made an account just for this. Whoever the **** put the glyphs for the chalice dungeons in for lost chikage deserves nothing but eternal suffering. Just ****ing search for 9nhuevvz after killing the first two bosses in the first chalice. Just wasted 3 ****ing days trying to progress enough to do that ****.
By Anonymous
I found it on the side path, never even fought a boss.
By Anonymous
Am I the only one who thinks it makes no sense for the translated name to be "1000 views"? "Blood Shadow" seems like it has much more of a correlation than that considering how it's literally a weapon coated in blood. It'd make a helluva lot more sense to use sen/senbon if they were referring to a thousand of something
By Anonymous
Read the kanji in the original japanese version? I can't think of any other way to explain this to anyone
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