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Transformed Chikage with 3 HP draining gems or your a scrub who needs to git gud
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Chikage yamamura in end of game is NOBODY!
For the sake of accuracy, the L1 into R1 quickdraw attack deals 1.80x damage, not double. At best you can say it rounds up to double but it’s slightly lazy to just say double when it isn’t.
What are the best blood gems for a blood tinge and skill slash strength build?
What are the best blood gems for a blood tinge and skill slash strength build? For example 30 strength, 40 skill and 50 bloodtinge.
Assuming that you're using both modes of this and/or Bloodletter, given your stats, I'd say tempering gems will work best. While you will have marginally less damage when transformed compared to bloodtinge gems, you'll keep the untransformed mode much more usable. If I remember right, the best tempering gems drop from the Watchers boss fight in F/R/C Ihyll and Isz root dungeons, and from Bloodletting beasts with heads in F/R/C Ihyll (and maybe Lower Loran?). As a result, the standard variation of this weapon will work best, with its two radial slots and a triangle.
thank you so much
It's pretty much an introduction to the amount of healthdraining cursed gems you're gonna get. At this point, I'm paranoid of going afk the same way you're paranoid of leaving your house unlocked when you leave
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It frankly just looks like a wonky Kriegsmesser
What make messer messer is its grip and this one ain't messer grip. Although, neither katana grip nor katana guard. I just hate how it resemble katana more than something like messer or even kriegmesser or even nodachi. Chikage is, like katana, probably supposed to used two handed (since using chikage nontransformed isn't really how it meant to be used) but still using arming sword (shorter than longsword) blade. That reach is lackluster. Tho it is for balance but still.
I was thinking the same, but the hilt is wrong (what makes a Messer a Messer is the way the hilt is made)
However, when playing as myself (who DOES use a Kriegsmesser in sparring), I use Chikage for this reason
"The Chikage isn't actually a katana" * Weebs have left the chatroom *
Well It's a hybrid... So the weebs may assemble again!
The weapon itself isn't really a katana since not every single edged curved sword is katana but the way it is being used is still japanese style. So... Weebs will still rise.
Hema is more similar to Kenjutsu than you think.
What is Hema you ask? Hema is fencing art just like Kenjutsu and funny enough despite being used in Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugaly, Great Britain, Czech, Slovakia, Romania and other definitely not Japan neighbouring countries it has many stances and moves which are nearly exactly the same as in Kenjutsu.

But hey why shouldnt it if blade on the handle is blade on the handle.
Two flat damage gems and a percentile gem seem to give the highest damage results. Already has an "s" in blood scaling, so while scaling does increase damage, I didn't see as much damage for slotting a +65 Blood scaling blood gem for more flat damage. Keep in mind it's 2020, and the most active player ranges now seem to be about 90-110, so I played it safe with 50 vitality, 20 endurance, 50 bloodtinge build so I could hover at level 102.