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By Anonymous
I can't get her to appear in cathedral ward. She just seems to go straight to the tomb of oedon encounter.
By Anonymous
Just to clear up any confusion about the final encounter, she does survive and she gave us an Elden Ring update 6 years later so don’t worry people Eileen the Crow is doing well in retirement.
By Anonymous
Funniest thing I've read today
By Anonymous
edgy ingward
By Anonymous
Beware of crow therefore fear talons.
By Anonymous
i talked to her before gascoigne, but she never appeared at the cathedral ward. kind of unfair. now shes in the grand cathedral trying to kill me. what did i do wrong.
By Anonymous
She doesn’t appear until you unlock all of the gates in the ward
By Anonymous
You didn't open the gates and speak with her outside Oedon Chapel before killing Rom. This will progress her storyline in another direction, and you will find her hostile in the Grand Cathedral.
By Anonymous
se viene uccisa da henrik cosa si puo fare?
By Anonymous
Niente, é morta, non puoi finire la sua quest. Puoi rifarla nel New Game+
By Anonymous
A boobbidi baabba!
By Anonymous
She talks about the Doll if she kills you before the Blood Moon (wich means you will have to make her hostile), so that means she once dreamed too?
By Anonymous
"No more dreams for me, this is my last chance"
By Anonymous
Crow ahead therefore try thrust attack.
By Anonymous
Thought I was being clever using the choir bell on her when shes sounded. She died. I feel bad
By Anonymous
I meant wounded. Bloody predictive
By Anonymous
I'm not sure if anyone mentioned before, but after you complete her questline and got the raven badge you can just kill her for 5700+ free blood echoes
By Anonymous
You monster
By Anonymous
How dare you? You are not different than the beasts you hunt
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