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Which gun does she use?


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Hunter's Pistol.


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Had a glitch where she wouldn't move at all, despite opening all 3 doors. Is because I lit the Tomb of Oedon lamp before I opened Amelia's gate?


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What kind of accent does she speak with? I know it's a Victorian one but it sounds a lot heavier than other NPCs, which is why she pronounces "hunter" as "hoonter".
I’m no expert, but she sounds to me more Northern English. I heard a few people talk like that when I visited York. They said the word ‘look’ like I would say the name ‘Luke’, just like Eileen’s signature ‘hoonter’ vs. ‘hunter’. I’m sure an actual English person could pinpoint it better than I.
Yep. English fella here. She's from up north!
She has a Yorkshire accent
Yorkshire/Lancashire accent
***** this obnoxious questing structure. I killed the *****ing spider before I even know she exists and now I'm locked out of the weapon. Seriously? Do these guys assume everyone use the wiki vigorously???
Sounds like someone needs to explore the areas a little better...
You’re not locked out of the weapon. Go to the grand cathedral and she’ll be there. She’ll attack you, so kill her and get the badge to buy the weapon
No, they expect you to explore and backtrack. Something that’s common in every rpg
To anon on Feb 20 2020 Exploring is common in rpg games but backtracking isn’t. Once you’re done with an area there’s very little reason to return to it as you’ll be a higher level than the area is intended for you. Even quests in previous areas are not worth backtracking to since they’ll most likely be scaled to the level of the area and you won’t be provided with a reasonable reward. Dark souls/bloodborne are about the only rpg games where backtracking is a common thing.
Gotta read all the messages on the floor. There was a specific message that guides you to her in the sewer. There's more messages right next to her too saying she's friendly.
I hate this *****ing quest. I had no idea she existed because I missed her first location and then I never saw her because I went through the healing workshop to get to the cathedral. I killed Rom then I heard something about Eileen, looked her up to find I missed to npc fights a bunch of***** and now she isn’t spawning at all. Just great.
So complain about it till from makes it so easy a toddler could do it & ruins the game, that's what everyone else does...maybe you just don't like these kinds of games?
hear u,wtf so obscure its a pain in the *** there should be clues (like notes or sumpn) in game so a reasonable person could figure it out
Should’ve explored better. It’s really easy to find if you even have half a brain. Finding her 2nd and 3rd locations are understandably missable, but it’s a From Software game and an rpg. You’re meant to backtrack.
Anon 15 feb 2020, if it’s so damn obvious why are you on this wiki?
Git gud.
There were messages and clues leading to her 1st appearance. You gotta read all the messages on the floor dummy
This isnt a new thing for the soulslike genre almost every game like this is chock full of missable quests you just do them on ng+
Geez cry a river you "reasonable person"
whats that glowing thing inside the bags behind her at her first spot? you can see it glowing from afar, like from the bridge to get to the area for example. is that an item? or a desperate lighting effect (jk lmao)? if it's just a lighting effect then i understand, lighting and 3D graphics can be pain in the butt.
It's an incense lamp like the villagers have.
Them feels when you show up to the Tomb of Oedon and Eileen is already dead somehow... Such a fun questline...
God this entire sequence seems designed to be as missable as possible.
I killed the last hunter with tiny tonitrus with arcane build. Worked pretty good for me when he run into me and got much dmg from the lightning
I got 5196 blood echoes for killing her after she gave me the Rune and Badge. Hate the game, not the player.