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You can cheese the bloody crow of Cainhurst by staying at the bottom of the stairs with Simone bow blade
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Beware if you attack and defeat Eileen at Cathedral Ward before to fight Henryk, you will not have Hunter Oath Rune as reward.
Paladin and Cleric types who have a healing bell and are tempted to use it, beware; Using the Choir Bell kills Eileen when she is wounded.
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I entered the forbidden forest and remembered she existed, I went back to CY and she wasn't there, is the quest still possible?
CY is central yharnam. I never talked to her before I entered the FF.


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Check Cathedral Ward
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I killed henryk together with her. Afterwards i killed Rom. Now she isn't in front of the great cathedral. Help please?
You have to kill darkbeast paarl before location 3 and eventually go back to roms place to teleport to unseen village yaraghul. Otherwise Eileen won't be at the stairs in front of grand cathedral
I talked with her at 1st Location, then found her near Location 2. She mentioned Henry, after killing him I was able to get 2 mates on bosses. But I played on NG+ on another char and then after deafeting Amelia I was trying to proc same scenario. Where is she? :D I need Henry for Shadows of Yharnam
I warped to grand chathedral to finish her quest and as soon as I loaded in the guy died