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I'm on NG+ and I've done everything perfect to progress in this questline. I talked to her at the first location, then I talked to her at the cathedral ward (after opening the two gates.) I helped her kill henryk, and lastly I killed ROM The Vacuous Spider and went back to the top of the steps leading into the Grand Cathedral. She's lying on the ground all bloody and gave me the Hunter rune, then she says something about her time has come, and every time I talk to her after that its just her struggling to stay alive. So I enter the grand cathedral and theirs no hunter, but there was a drop and it gave me the blood rapture rune. I never fought the hunter but I feel I've gotten all the items the quest gives you but I feel I didn't complete and I can't complete the quest. Please help!!!
Glitch, the bloody crow of cainhurst is far more insane than you think. This guy is a total masochist who at times just transforms his weapon, even if you aren't there, and likes to watch his blood flow until he passes out. Without the rest of his former allies, no one would separate the blade from his body and he would just die. Extensive treatment during certain patches has reduced this insane super M death habit
Can't help, I'm afraid, but I just wanted to mention that the same thing happened to me. I'm NOT on NG+, though. Did you go back to Eileen immediately after you'd killed Rom? Because I didn't, and I thought that that might've been the problem.
The hunter you're supposed to kill at the end of her questline ONLY spawns inside the Grand Cathedral, right? So you can't, like, kill him 'by accident' somewhere else?



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I underestimated Henryk´s Firearm and died before Eileen appeared...
Then I went to the Tomb again and I saw from far distance Eileen fighting against Henryk - and she also died, before I was there to help her...
At least I took revenge and prayed for Eileen.
I just beat Rom and realized i missed every chance to encounter her :( also the old lady in the house and Gilbert. I always wondered who was coughing
I was able to talk with her at Catherdral Ward even though I killed the Witch of Hemlock. I did NOT kill the Blood Starved Beast yet though. Next boss to progress is Shadows of Yharnam.
Lol, hemlock
I killed the witch of hemwick before talking to eileen in cathedral ward. Contrary to the notes in the location section.
Same here.
Same here.
I have a video on my channel "Dumahs Assassin" (I know its a dumb name) of her giving dialouge that's not shown this page after she dies. The weird part is it take place 45 seconds after she died.
It kinda scared me a bit, haha
***** I just killed Rom and realized I missed every encounter with her D:
It kinda scared me a bit, haha
It's my first playthrough, and I didn't know Eileen was in Cathedral Ward after disappearing from Yharnam. But I was running back through Cathedral Ward and into the Tomb of Oedon, and found her fighting Henryk. I got her Approval gesture too, but I never got the Shh gesture. Did I mess up the quest line? I haven't actually beaten Rom yet, but I may start over if I did mess up the quest line.
It doesnt mess up the quest line. At least for me I progressed normaly and after ROM fought with Bloody Crow in Cathedral, got rune, gesture and q. completed. It looks like you can omit the Cathedral Ward meeting entirely.
Me too, did you find out?
Can't be cheesed the same way before, but still can be kind of cheesed. Here's a video of me doing it:
Just kill her with an enemy
So I killed the Witches of Hemwick before I was supposed to talk to her at the Tomb of Oedon, does this turn her hostile?
I meant Oedon Chapel
It's the bloodmoon that drives her batty. Just a theory, but with out your help, she is probably forced to take a lot more blood than is good for her and starts becoming blood drunk or beastlike. Lore does suggest that the old blood uncovered and repeatedly tested and developed by the Laurence and the church could had caused the beast scourge.
This is late but, she was there for me normally after i killed the witches


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Bloodmoon is triggered by killing Rom, but if you meet Henryk, she will engage him, possibly ending the questline unless you support her and kick his ***.
I meant Oedon Chapel



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Is henryk still alive? Father Gascoigne area? Before Rom you should still have a chance
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If the player does not help her with fighting Henryk, she still kills Gascoigne's partner, but goes mad (sort of, at least). Next time you meet her she is in the Grand Cathedral, when she normally hunts her last target, Bloody Crow of Cainhurst, but fails. But if she kills Henryk on herself, she is still in the GC, and Bloody Crow cannot be found anywhere. Does this mean that Eileen's hate has made her powerful and she wrecked Bloody Crow too?
She's not maddened. One of her peices of dialogue states that she knows you'll turn into a beast one day, and she might have to hunt you. She's just speeding up the process.
She's not maddened. One of her peices of dialogue states that she knows you'll turn into a beast one day, and she might have to hunt you. She's just speeding up the process.
Though it is kind of curious that she can only beat Bloody Crow if you skip a step.
Perhaps it suggests that she knows she has a worthy successor when you help her, and doesn't if you don't, and therefor continues her duties?