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Someone should add that 18.8% bolt radials can be farmed from the Lightning mages in the fishing hamlet(I am new to this wiki,so I would prefer not to mess around with pages)
Why is this page still in Portuguese? It's been this way for almost a month now.
I added in a picture for the Gold Blood Gem on the radial gems page. Not outlined and pretty like the others, but, it was the best I could do.


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There is a radial Bloodtinge Gemstone, I only found it as a very rare drop from the Bloodlickers in Cainhurst.
super rare indeed
gold bloodgem is retrived from Vicar Amelia
essentially, you are gonna wanna farm the Pthumeru ihyll chalice and its root version to obtain the most obviously useful gems such as dirty damp, cold, heavy damp, sharp damp, and the like.
I sometimes find radial bolt gems in the nightmare of mensis.


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The silver beast there drop Waning Fire, Bolt and arcane gems on rare occasions you can get misshappen gems meaning that its diffrent from what it usally drops which is what you have expirienced
So what does it mean when a blood gem “increases damage against open enemies?” Is that referring to the counter attack damage?
I find it odd that this comment received 4 dislikes when he probably nailed it...I'm pretty sure "open" means the same as the "counter" state in Dark Souls



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What does the Finestrike gem do? It says it increases damage against open enemies, but what is that even supposed to mean?
This is just an educated guess here, but I would say "open" is similar to when enemies are in a "counter" state in Dark Souls. For instance, in the middle of an attack, in the air, staggered, etc.