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By Anonymous
oh they say "this towns finished" not this lads finished.
By Anonymous
Just your average Brits.
By Anonymous
i heard one of them say something like "over here" and something after that
By Anonymous
Who voiced these guys?
By Anonymous
YMMV, but I'm pretty sure if they see you but you're far enough that they can't attack, they'll rarely say "ew."
By Anonymous
For some reason when they say, “ You plague ridden rat!” I think they’re saying, “You run for your gran!” Am I the only one who hears this?
By Anonymous
I hear “you lesbian rat”
By Anonymous
There's a particular hunter with a rifle in the area on the way to forbidden woods where the brainsucker is, and every time I've gone there he's said "Over here!" or something similar, and I have never heard any other hunter say that line.
By ConfusedPleb
There's idle 'searching' dialogue for them too when in the Cathedral Ward area (by the alleyway with the NPC houses). Don't know where else this is available. A few lines I managed to pick up:
"You foul beast... You can't hide for long!"
"He (or possibly we?) bares sickness, death!"
"Oh bugger, where'd the beast go?"
"Damn... Where you hiding?"
"(inaudible)... Drink up"
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I wish more fromsoft games had vocal enemies like these
By Anonymous
The hollowed mobs in Dark Souls can't speak for story-related reasons -- they've reverted to the state of humanoids before the Age of Fire, before finding the Lord Souls in the First Flame gave them all sapience and created Disparity in the world. The Age of Fire's decaying and unnaturally extended state is destroying that sapience in everyone, because Disparity is being threatened by the Fire's fading, and because of the seal on the Dark Soul.