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By Anonymous
Once they port Bloodborne to PC. I hope they fix the matchmaking; Bloodborne has some of the best PVP mechanically, but it’s let down by its **** matchmaking. It doesn’t even need to be anything special: just add Wex Dust, limit the currently insane coop and invasion ranges, and introduce weapon level matchmaking. This would even benefit CO-OPers. The amount of times I have started an honest level 42 coop with a host only for some dude to show up with +10 weapons and two shot a boss is considerable. Say what you will but I don’t think hosts want phantoms to just two shot all the bosses and enemies for them.
By Anonymous
Pc port aint gonna happen and the netcode will still be garbage anyway. See the dark souls remaster. And wtf is wex dust
By Anonymous
Any co-op help here? :-(
By Anonymous
Add me, psn: plaidchuck
By Anonymous
Some of the best flow mechanically for online play in the series but they botched access to pvp and the oath runes.

Instead of an arena they made the chalice dungeons double as dedicated pvp spots with with the short root chalice. Then they patched in a co op faction but still gave zero incentive to use the executioner rune.
By Anonymous
I was doing co-op with random strangers (mainly just switching back and forth from Ludwig’s and orphan’s arenas waiting to be summoned) and I was waiting at the orphan arena. After a while I was summoned along with some other guy and the two people used moonlight great swords so I switched from saw spear to mgs and that has to be my 2nd favorite co-op experience I’ve had in bloodborne. 3 people wailing on an orphan with great swords was just so fun.
By Anonymous
Shame that I need PS Plus for online play. When Sony announced free access to multiplayer for the weekend, I had to get the most out of it. Helping people, seeing random ghosts, having the chance to insult Rom with a message.
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