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this is a post on reddit with some solid story theories



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This is not theory, this is fact. On the trophy childhood's beginnings, you(main character) become an infant great one, lifting humanity into its next childhood. The doll lifts a tentacle creature off the floor(this is you) after you defeat the true final boss. not much of a in-depth lore explanation, but you can find this trophy after defeating the true final boss.


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cainhurst has connections with foreign lands, since you (the main character) are a foreigner you may have relations with someone in cainhurst there are some scraps of notes and that on the clothing from cainhurst as well as the executioners gloves
The player's backstory is, as usual, pretty bare of details. Your initial clothing set says that you don't remember your own past. Just a few odd things, though. One, the queen at Cainhurst says she is your queen. That you're one of her subjects. Does she know you? Are you one of them? Or does she just assume because you somehow got here, killed Logarius, and are talking to her rather than trying to smash her to bits with a giant wheel that you must be one of hers? I could easily see her just assuming that you are her subject based on the circumstance. But then why is there a Cainhurst Summons with your name on it right near where you started the game? That one detail seems odd. Why do you have that? Did you live there, and the summons is the only way to get back? You must at least have visited Cainhurst or been invited. Why?
My apologies for posting this here and not in the forum actually discussing this but I lack an account. Anyway, people have been saying that the translations don't actually make any sense but I haven't seen anyone wondering if the translations have been encrypted with a Caeser Cipher or something similar. If someone with an account were to copy paste this or put it in their own words in the discussion just now that some random person on the internet appreciates it.


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I have a small theory (it's not small at all) that the Chapel Dweller maybe Caryll, Caryll in game created runes that are basically utterings of great ones. This implies that Caryll had to have been able to have heard the great one's talk but in the entire game none of the items tell what happened to him, the workshop tool in Witches abode is from a hunter that perhaps was given the tool to help him. But one noticeable thing about the Chapel Dweller is he is blind, people like the bigoted old man will tell you this and it's clearly visible, but if the Chapel Dweller should meet a sad fate he will drop a rune called the Formless Oedon, which describes Oedon as only a voice. This implies that the Chapel Dweller maybe able have been spoken to by Oedon a great one, and for this he would be invaluable to someone like Willem who is researching the great ones. The rune also says that the worshipers seek precious blood even without knowing it they could be apart of a greater plan, and if Oedon wanted precious blood it would make sense to go to the place where they're researching and experimenting it. Great ones are described as sympathetic, and answered when called upon, even the evil mother brain answered to Mensis's call, the Dweller will tell you about his sad story (if the suspicious beggar is brought to the chapel and two of the survivors are eaten) where he was abused as a child by his mother but even then he just wanted to help people, and be welcomed in society, later if three survivors are dead he'll be praying and begging the gods to forgive him for something that you caused, this showing he's very religious and for a child to be abused who is alone in the world to pray to a great one, it'd make sense for that great one to answer and comfort said child. So with the ability to hear a great one he would set off for Bygenwerth to help in any way he could, another small theory is that he's from Hemwick since eyes there are seen as precious (with the witch covered in eyes and tries to scoop out yours, with all the bloodshot eyeballs you find too), also noticeably made of mostly woman, a boy who is also blind might be seen as 'unworthy' a bastard child who (from historical times) are seen as unwanted. Anyway so helping at Bygenwerth Caryll would transcribe the utterings of great ones, and this may of given Willem the idea of 'eyes on the inside' rather than using blood they would try to align their eyes with a great one, for if a blind man can be touched by wisdom then perhaps eyes have been deceiving them all. By that time Laurence was leaving and Caryll probably left with him, it may be that Caryll knew he had to get precious blood and he would need to follow Laurence who was planning on using the blood. If we are to take the little theory that Caryll/Dweller is from Hemwick then we need to notice the presence of Cainhurst, the lore behind the vile-bloods there are that someone from the healing church took forbidden blood to them and the executioners were sent in, and it was perhaps Caryll who betrayed the church, the queen has a clear connection to the great ones as when offering her flesh to the altar of despair will bring her back to life, so perhaps Oedon ordered Caryll to bring her the blood (I'll explain in a bit) Caryll did this but maybe saw we had done and no longer saw his help as good and left the church, before Laurence probably saw the importance of Oedon and formed the chapel in honor of him, that is where the Dweller took his place, one thing to note is the Dwellers form adding to the theory he maybe from Hemwick is the witches there are also deformed (as back stabbing them stands them all the way up showing them to be very hunched back) just like the Dweller. Continuing to the present the Dweller probably gave the workshop tool to a hunter (as the healing workshop is right there connected to the chapel, the Dweller would see many hunts, and with that people no longer saw Caryll but rather a disfigured abomination, so people stayed away from the chapel in fear, the only place of absolute safety, since also the Amygdala outside maybe protects the chapel and perhaps also serving Oedon, even now the Dweller is serving Oedon without knowing it, as he tells you to find survivors, but when all survivors are found the Dweller somehow knows saying there isn't a peep to be heard in the entire town, maybe Oedon is telling the Dweller if there are survivors worth saving. Yet whats noticeable about most of the survivors is they are female, and we already know how great one's lose their child and search for a surrogate, Oedon is perhaps male and wants to find a wife (if we are to give great one's genders) as the ring you find in the dungeons suggests marriage between great one's has happened, and when offered to the queen she speak bitterly about it (maybe Oedon wanted to marry her and make her immortal, but due to her unable to bear a child searched for another, this perhaps angered her as now she felt worthless in the eyes of a god, or perhaps this happened to another in her family line and the generations to follow no longer felt worthy) so maybe in this way Oedon searches for a wife to bear his child and for that he would want someone young and with precious blood (this is between Arianna and Adella, but Arianna was chosen despite Adella's blood being precious and being pampered by the church, this adds to the theory that Arianna's lineage is from Cainhurst which Oedon seems interested in) Arianna is then blessed with a child (adding to the possibility of Oedon being male since if it was female the great one would just make the person a surrogate (see moon presence)) Dweller served his god without even knowing it.
In every situation there is a place devoid of life, and in most cases a very clear, near-uniformly growing, forest of massive gray trees. Im starting to think that the trees have always connected the worlds.
That's essentially the lore of the arch-trees in a nutshell.


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Here is my biggest theory regarding Bloodborne.


First let's analyze Logarius' moveset. He doesn't use his famed wheel but instead a magic based on blood that explodes.

This very much looks like the magic of the Executioner's Gloves.

About these gloves we are said this:

"One of the secret treasures hidden in Cainhurst."

"The gloves of an executioner from a faraway land."

Then Logarius also "protects" the queen chamber and has the crown. One would think he is a traitor to his order.

Yet this is untrue. Because he is called a martyr and is imprioning the queen.

Then we know that Cainhurst people have a love for two things: blood and elegancy.

This can be summed up by the Reiterpallasch or the Evelyn.

We also know that they have very european names : Annalyse, Evelin, Maria...

So how do we explain the name of two of their weapons ? The Rakuyo and the Chikage ? Those two sound japanese and are katanas.

Indeed, we are said "Foreign-made weapon wielded by the royal guards who protect Annalise" and "A trick sword originated in the same country as the Cainhurst Chikage".

So they are foreign.

We can deduce that this foreign land from which these blood weapons originated is the same as the one from which the blood magic (executioners' gloves) originated from.

Do we know other characters with japanese names ? Yes indeed we do.

Yamamura and Otto. Both are linked to the Powder Kegs.

Yamamura wields a Chikage and a piercing Rifle.

One is from Cainhurst, the other from the Otto workshop.

And what do we know about the Otto workshop ?

"A rifle engineered by the Oto Workshop, the precursor to the workshop of the heretical Powder Kegs".

We also know that Valtr uses a Powder Kegs weapon and is a foreigner.


Cainhurst was obsessed with elegant weapons that used blood.

They invited foerign people that with time would become their executioners.

These executioners were from a japanese-like country and were users of the executioner glove and smiths of the Chikage and Rakuyo.

They became more and more used to forge weapons such as the Reiterpallasch that uses powder.

Otto was one of them.

After a while, Otto decided to quit Cainhurst and go to the Church. Along with him came Yamamura.

Otto created his own workshop.

Otto stopped doing katanas and began to create more complex weapons.

Logarius and Otto were allies. And Otto taught Logarius all he knew regarding vilebloods. This means that he taught him blood magic.

Logarius used this magic to forge his own weapon, his wheel.

But with time, he became so good at blood magic that using that and a staff was enough to crush vileblood.

Otto kept on creating weapons for the church, inspired by Gerhman's workshop.

But eventually, Otto workshop was considered heretic because of his relation to Cainhurst.

Otto workshop became the place that would welcome any hunter that was foreign or a misfit (such as Valtr).

With time the name changed and it became the Podwer Kegs workshop.

The church saw an excuse to get rid off the powder kegs when the plague afflicted Old Yarhnam.

They ask the Kegs to burn it down and they did. But this led to the workshop disappearance.

Djura (sounds foreign) and Valtr are the only survirors. One wants to protect monsters, the other to crush vermin.

Very ironically, the church executioners are still huntil vilebloods, not knowing that their methods of combat are rooted in Cainhurst's history.
Valtr wasn't a Powder Keg, he was just some outsider bloke who got dragged into the Yharnam business when a runaway Beast killed one of his companions and led his gang back there. Being the sole survivor of that makeshift hunt and consuming the flesh (and probably by extension blood) of the Beast might have just given him just enough Insight to see Vermin, which motivated him to stick around and round up local Hunters to join his cause of exterminating these Vermin.
And the wheel is not necessary blood magic. It states its power (along with the glove), is drenched in vileblood. Basically, it has killed so many vilebloods, it uses their vileblood as a boost, which (like the chikage that drains your health because of your assumed vileblood) drains your health due to the properties.


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Just my understanding (expressions between " " are my choice of words, yours would probably fit as well ;) )...

The "Old Ones" (Rom, Amygdala, Celestial Emissary...) are a sort of gods (or omnipotent aliens, whatever you prefer). They interfere with our world through a Great One which is an "ascended" child of someone they choose in the human world. But this selection is tricky : they "consecrate" not one but multiple "wombs" to have multiple "candidates" (Iosefka, Arianna and Yarham). The winner is the one who will successfully prey on the others : retrieving and consuming the umbilical cord's thirds.

Fact is there is one third we get from the nightmare (which is not the real world : just look at the moon there), and it's the only one you will necessarily get during a playthrough, even if you speedrun it : it's the one protected by "Mergo's Wet Nurse", probably coming from the womb of Yarnham ; this could be no one else but ourselves : we kill the Nurse, we retrieve the third (our very self !) and thus we slay our own nightmare (as it is mentionned in game when you kill the Nurse) and get ready to face the actual Great One. But if we only slay our own nightmare (retrieving the Nurse's third of the umbilical cord) or even if there is one other "candidate" alive (Iosefka's or Arianna's child), we are not worthy of facing the Great One but only worthy of becoming the ultimate test, as is Gehrman.

The Church has probably a vast understanding of all this and started the hunt to get rid of this cycle (even maybe by interfering in it through Gehrnam who became the keeper to try to end the cycle by either convincing the hunter to sacrifice his life or killing him). But the "womb's blessing" is probably a sort of ritual that affects a very large area... like a whole town. It results in blood corruption for the "regular" inhabitants and a "blessing" for a few selected wombs. And the childs born from those wombs are either parasites that take over hunters or the hunters themselves : foreigners, which is necessary to renew the blood.

I think we came unconsciously to Yarnham to become the Great One, and for no other purpose.
This is a very comprehensive theory, well done. I believe this is further supported when we see the amygdalas watching the streets of Yharnam with indifference, as if Yharnam is their experiment.
If there's any possible timeline or location links between Bloodborne and the Souls series, keeping in mind that the flow of time is distorted, then it's either:

1. Waking from the nightmare as the Old One that unleashes demons upon the waking world.
2. Happening in the "modern" Victorian-era land of Carim, thousands of years after DS & DSII.
3. Having a case of severe hallucinatory psychosis while playing with dolls in an insane asylum.
4. All and none of the above simultaneously.
Closest possible link, the endless tall towers in hunters dream, Dark souls much. Hell its all inception, dreams in dreams. Works with the cycle of rebirth for "old ones", "great ones".
Are those other towers in the hunters dream other hunters that have their own little workshop church thing and a doll n stuff. In the hunters dream we are also on a pillar/tower but it doesnt seem as tall as the other ones


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I'm just going to start this by pointing out what we know about Oedon already and then going on to the speculation and my take on the events of Bloodborne.

First of all Oedon is a formless Great One and only his voice exists in the waking world (we assume that Caryll, the only person who was able to hear and make runes based on Oedon's words, did NOT come in contact with dreams and nightmares created by the Great Ones.) We also know that his essence is blood and that he and his followers seek it and it is highly likely that Oedon is the Great One who impregnated Queen Yharnam and gave birth to Mergo.

Okay now here comes the speculation. Remember in Cainhurst when we come across Annalise? She is sitting on her throne but beside her is an empty throne, why is that? Queen Annalise keeps on saying "we" in her dialogue which implies that she is with the company of another being. With references to wanting a "child of blood" I can safely say that the being she is talking about is none other than Oedon. Annalise wants to give birth to a child of blood, Oedon's essence is blood, therefore Annalise wants to bear Oedon's child. Annalise gets offered blood dregs by her followers in order for her to have more of a chance to gain a child of blood, in a way Annalise is trying to appease Oedon by offering blood.

Moving on to the Tomb of Oedon, why would a Great One have a tomb dedicated to it? Well it is simple, Oedon in a way has died and lost his physical form, reducing his presence to a voice.This is further evidenced by the presence of Mergo, the formless baby Great One has no form, this is because it was a stillborn as indicated by the bloody clothes of Queen Yharnam. Now what is the deal with the Wet Nurse? Why would a dead baby need a Wet Nurse? To put it simply the Wet Nurse does what its job is but with a twist, instead of feeding Mergo breast milk it feeds Mergo blood. This is implied by the husks of the members of the School of Mensis and the skeletal remains all around the area where you fight the Wet Nurse. I believe the Wet Nurse is feeding Mergo blood in order for Mergo to be reborn and regain physical form.

Oedon is most likely represented by the Moon, the Moon is ever present during the events of Bloodborne, it is shining through the window at Cainhurst's throne room, shining on the exact spot where Rom is in the lake, shining at Mergo's loft, present in the Hunter's Dream and finally shining on Ebrietas. Let's talk about Ebrietas, she is the daughter of the Cosmos, the exact same thing Micolash was trying to contact (Kos/Kosm) judging on the appearance of Ebrietas she looks exactly like a grown up version of the baby Great Ones all around the Choir's domain, those same baby Great Ones look exactly like the baby Arianna gave birth to when she got knocked up by Oedon. The sky and the cosmos are the same, the moon is present in both the sky AND the cosmos, Kos/Kosm = The Moon = Oedon!

Now with the Hunters Dream, the only Great One known to reside in there is none other than the Moon Presence. I believe the Moon Presence is Oedon trying to be reborn again, manipulating the Doll and giving the Hunters a safe haven for one purpose, the Hunters kill beasts and gain blood echoes to exchange for power by the Doll, where does this blood go to? To Oedon himself to strengthen his physical form (starting to see a pattern here?) All the endless hunts, all the endless nights, it is all Oedons plan to regain his physical form. This explains why the Moon Presence has the power to manipulate blood and is in fact the only Great One that is able to manipulate your player unless he/she consumes the umbilical cords, which proves that it's influence alone can make human beings weak. Also think of the name given to the Moon Presence, "Paleblood", Oedon is the patron of blood so it does make sense that they would be one and the same. That being said I do not think the Moon Presence/Oedon wants other Great Ones dead by manipulating the player into hunting them, why would a Great One, a Godlike being rely on something as pathetic and low as humans to do a job for them? Besides, Gherman, the very puppet of Oedon has not even mentioned any knowledge of the Great Ones, if he is controlled by Oedon why doesn't he say "Hunt the Great One child Mergo" instead we get it from a note which could very well be from anyone in the waking world. When your Hunter destroys the Moon Presence, Oedon isn't dead, since not all Great Ones can truly die ((Amygdala is fear in physical form, once killed it does not mean we all stop being afraid)) this also fits in with the cycle theory Dark Souls and Demon's Souls had, we cannot destroy Oedon but we can delay his grip on the world, much like the Old One from Demon's Souls.


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also oedon in english means to delay, linger and wait, what if oedon is a great one that waited for a long period of time so that he can find a surrogate mum for the great one child because i mean think about it, oedon chapel what happens when you send the survivors there, they wait they sit there and wait for the night to end
There is contradiction in parts of this theory though. Oedon is formless yet the moon presence obviously has a form however it doesn't have a name, and Oeden has a name but no form. I always thought that Oedon is a great one and attempts to use hunters as the surrogates. Every hunter is a potential child and represents 'K' selection(competitive selection). This is why we constantly hear the cries of a baby. The baby is inside us. or more importantly in our blood. In order to rise to the status of a great one, we must ourselves, hunt the great ones. To me The Moon Presence and Oedon were opposing forces, The moon presence blocking the children of Oedon which is why we don't become a great one until we stop the moon presence. That being said, I don't believe the Moon Presence is a great one at all, instead it is a Nightmare of the great one. The great ones seek to create children so their opposites (the nightmares) intend to destroy/stop those children. "Every great one loses its child" doesn't have to mean that they had died.
Actually, Kos/Kosm appears in the new DLC in the Final Boss part. The Final Boss is born from the dead body of Kos at the moment you arrive to fight you. When you defeat him and approach Kos body, you can see a "ghost" floating from his body and if you hit it, it triggers a cutscene where appears Nightmare Slain and a man says the final of the nightmare. I think the original sin of the old hunters was have killed Kosm (don't know if accidentaly) as his body came dead from the sea, that spread the curse on the hunters that lasts until then. Just a theory that sounded very accurate acording to the lore given in The Old Hunters DLC.
I think the Moon Presence is either a "predatory" Great One hunting other Great Ones on the mortal plane by proxy of the Workshop Hunters, or perhaps a sort of "judge" figure hosting/sponsoring the Hunt to execute Great Ones that infringe upon some taboo of interacting with humans (e.g. Mergo for being an abominable crossbreed, Ebreitas for letting her illness escape quarantine and spread to become the Plague of Beasts, etc). Alternatively, the Hunt could have been entirely to hunt Mergo himself, but due to the language/thought barrier between mortals and the Great Ones, he was unable to fully communicate his request to humanity and instead was misunderstood as what became the Hunt, with the actual end intended of the Dream only being discovered by trial and error on the Hunter's part.
I believe she is just using the royal "we''
Sorry for the flood, it bugged here ¬¬


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saying that Oedon/Moon Presence cant control someone after eating the umbilical cords, just shows that he does not inherently want the other great ones to "die" for the fact that consuming 3 of them means you have killed 3 great ones putting you above oedon themself, hence why he cant control you after eating 3 and offering yourself to him

Thats my theory anyway i may have missed a few notes that can be found in and around yharnam
Actually, Kos/Kosm appears in the new DLC in the Final Boss part. The Final Boss is born from the dead body of Kos at the moment you arrive to fight you. When you defeat him and approach Kos body, you can see a "ghost" floating from his body and if you hit it, it triggers a cutscene where appears Nightmare Slain and a man says the final of the nightmare. I think the original sin of the old hunters was have killed Kosm (don't know if accidentaly) as his body came dead from the sea, that spread the curse on the hunters that lasts until then. Just a theory that sounded very accurate acording to the lore given in The Old Hunters DLC.
Actually, Kos/Kosm appears in the new DLC in the Final Boss part. The Final Boss is born from the dead body of Kos at the moment you arrive to fight you. When you defeat him and approach Kos body, you can see a "ghost" floating from his body and if you hit it, it triggers a cutscene where appears Nightmare Slain and a man says the final of the nightmare. I think the original sin of the old hunters was have killed Kosm (don't know if accidentaly) as his body came dead from the sea, that spread the curse on the hunters that lasts until then. Just a theory that sounded very accurate acording to the lore given in The Old Hunters DLC.
I haven't seen any good explanations for what paleblood exactly is and why we seek it in the beginning of the game. However, if Dark Souls I and II have taught us anything, it's that From likes to let the player create their own background and motivations. Though we eventually follow a set yet vague story, at first we are in search of paleblood. It could simply be the game's initial motivation for the player that they can accommodate into their own story and not something that has any definitive meaning or even exists. We're foreign to Yarnham so we don't know what's going on, and paleblood is the motive we need to go there. One player could already know about the Great Ones, desire to join them, and believe paleblood to be theirs. Another could say their character has a sickness that only the mysterious paleblood can cure. Any way you tell it, it all leads to the pursuit of the Great Ones or escaping the Dream.
or seek the paleblood could mean the blood of a great one, and by seek it they mean become a great one. This could be confirmed since all the kin and great one enemies have white or yellowish blood.
The paleblood is the doll in the dream. The doll is near gehrman who guides you a little
Paleblood is the moon presence. If you get the official strategy guide future press made, there is an interveiw in the back of the book they did with the director of the game. He confirms that paleblood is indeed the moon presence. the name came from the color the sky gets when the bloodmoon rises.
Some think that the plaeblood is the moon touched essence that occurs after the ritual that leads to the blood red moon, since a note in the hidden village states (front of the red moon and purple sky) "behold the paleblood sky". So some believe "seek the paleblood" means seek the subsequent ritual that will lead to a birth of a great one child. This may be confirmed in the new "mission" given to the player after the ritual starts, to look for the crying child. So when the ritual happens and the city goes to ***** (more than it was before), they give up on the paleblood mission (maybe you already found it with the ritual).

though this is just theory, so there may be some evidence that contradicts this.