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muuuhh buy pre-order and que a "***** exclusive items" .. i bought on the first week and can't get couse is *****in blocked region...
i think they are related to kos
I've redeemed my Worn Top Hat DLC and made my messengers wear them to my heart's content. But after defeating the Witch of Hemwick, I lit the lamp, and they all BALD?! How did my DLC disappear? I checked my storage, and my stump but they aren't there. It disappeared. How did that happened. I hope someone here knows the solution..
Well they are cute!! :)
so these "things" are the merchants. well I like getting stuff from some scrawny guys taking a bath together as much as the next guy but we need some real merchants!!!
Restore licenses bro
Well they are cute!! :)
They never had hair to begin with, so UUUUUUUNNNNNNNGGGGHHH! SUCK IT!
Can someone add what he sell ? Because, if you forgive him... he will become a merchant.
Yeah if you forgive him he appears in chalice dungeons as a merchant, no idea what he sells though
Yeah, but he just sells regular items at much higher prices than normal. It's okay if you're in a pinch mid-dungeon, but otherwise is a waste of echos since you can get the same items from the bath messengers for much less.
he does?


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saw hunter badge = blue elixir messenger
sword hunter badge = molotov messenger
powder keg hunter badge = rooter messenger (left of the main messenger)
radiant sword hunter badge = book messenger
spark hunter badge = clapping messenger to the far right
cainhurst badge = upside-down messenger (far left)
wheel hunter badge = clapping messenger (to the right more towards the front)
cosmic eye watcher badge = tall messenger in the back of the bath
crow hunter badge = knife-wielding messenger
old hunter badge = PRAISE-THE-MOON messenger
Pictures or you are telling a pork-pie you *****.
Pictures would be appreciated.
I can buy ritual blood 5 and tomb mould 5 as well as a bunch of other good chalice ***** in the blood echoes bath, when did this happen? How did i unlock it? I havent even finished pthumeru ihyll for this character
The last patch unlocked nearly everything (if not all, not sure) of the dungeon materials.
So all preorder dlc is available for everyone?
So all preorder dlc is available for everyone?
Where are they?
attires are bought for insight.
as for weapons, some you must first find, others you will be able to purchase after finding a badge.
And old hunter dlc attires also?
Every time you kill a boss, one new messenger appears in the blood shop. (Insight shop idk, and I don't know about great ones)
Man what an ******
Man what an ******
Nah, that was just a 12 year old.
Nah, that was just a 12 year old.
A 12 year old can still be an ******.
Hahah you whaa-whaa crybaby loser! They are "SO CUTE". Your mom look's cute when she wears those panties I like, the filthy slut.
I don't see why that was necessary.
my messengers have cute little tiny top hats on THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!
A 12 year old can still be an ******.
Actually it's collecting more badges that makes more messengers appear. One badge = one more messenger.
The winter lanterns, weird white squid monsters, both unique to the nightmare, are all composed of messengers. Visible on the brain of the lanterns and inside the squid when they open up for their breath attack. Thoughts?
Lore wise...hmmm...perhaps because it is a nightmare, therefore the denizens, messengers, may not all be friendly to you? Maybe the dark power of the nightmare corrupts them, or maybe evil messengers lurk in nightmares and combine to create monsters? What if the doll is a winterlantern? Just friendly and choosed not to scare us? Note the similar dress, the dolld true body being inanimate in the abandoned workshop. What if somthing lives in her and makesnher move? A creature of the dream? Upclose, segmented hands of winternlanterns resemble the dolls hands
^ The date shows it is..
I feel like this guest is the same one beings ***** on nearly every other discussion.
"Visible on the brain of the lanterns"? What brain? My thought's are you have no brain. There are eye's on the lantern, sure. But there are also eye's on my arse.
Messengers do not want to harm hunters. The reason the lantern hurts you is because of frenzy, which is uncontrollable. The sight of this mass of dead messengers on what seems to be a doll for some reason causes a huge frenzy, and perhaps some form of ancient knowledge to be realized which maddens those who stare at it, or are stared at by it.