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i tried rubbing paper on head of weiner.
And i accidentally killed my girlfriend during coitus.
does the buff scale with arcane?
Thats what I wanna know. beasts hate fire, so maybe some other non-beast enemy hates them. or maybe humanoids.
against which type of enemies is this good?
I believe bolt is good against" kin". I believe this to be seperate from humanoid and beast. Bolt is very effective against bosses such as Ebreitas
It costs 14000 in ng+
why it stop working
Does it, along with Fire Paper, scale with Arcane?
Can you buff untransformed chikage with this?
You Cannot,Despite Un-Tricked Chikage being Purely Skill and not using it's BT scaling it can't be buffed with papers
Aww, "squishy" enemies :D
I wish this electricity effect was in dark souls 3. It s one of the best visual effects i ve ever seen in the souls games