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When are blood stone chunks unlocked?
I have completed all bosses, gehrman included, except moon presence, yet no chunks. I have all the badges. Seems they patched it out and the insight merchant no longer sells them?
After the one reborn
Not sure, but I just got the cosmic eye badge and they are available for 30 insight. First I have seen it.
Unlocked after killing Yahar'gul boss.
I was able to buy then after the one reborn
Might wanna add an update: blood chunks sell for 20 and blood rocks are available for 60 insight once you defeat Orphan of Kos. Not sure if this is the case, but need verification
Blood rocks are added after Mergo's Wet Nurse iirc. Blood chunks are added earlier than that, after The One Reborn iirc.
why the ***** are there two pages []? neither of them have all the information XD hilarious. great editors on this wiki; they're steller
Why complain about article quality on a wiki? Fix it or deal with it.
this thing is bull like come on they should reward players with more insight too?!
Can i rebuy the clothes from the insight messengers because i accidently sold Marias Set
Pretty sure the infos are wrong. The messenger will sell new stuff once you "unlock" it in the game doing specific things.
Pearl Slug: Kill Ebrietas
Living string: Kill Mother Brain
Hey man it's a blessing for offline players. Get rid of all the useless insight you've accrued.
You can buy the Madman Set after beating the Forgotten Madman and the Madman's Escort, in the Lower Hintertomb Chalice Layer 2


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Madman's set?
Short chalice?
i can't see it. I have 99 insight now and can't find by whole game :((((((
Not sure if this'll be of any help but it's kinda hidden. If you go to the top of the outside stairs on the left of the Hunter's Dream Workshop and stop before entering then look along the ledge to your right they're at the end near a wall.