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By Rakuyo
I consider them hunter because
-They posses serrated weapons.
-They are Beasts, yet they are still very human. This can be explained by hunters having a high tolerance to the beast plague that dwells within all of them.
-They have the speed and aggression of hunters.
-The church is heavily entwined with the origin and practices of hunters.
-"holy men" in my opinion refers to hunters once being regarded as holy. Likely due to their connection to Great Ones.
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Rakuyo, no. The mods have been over this with you already: these lore notes of yours are not fit for the main pages and do not meet the wiki standards, and should be placed in separate lore-specific pages instead. Stop trying to validate your nonsense by forcing it into the wiki.

I'm removing this, AGAIN, because you apparently cannot follow rules. Leave it this time, and don't revert it back.
By Anonymous
Am I the only one who's scared out of their mind when they rush at you?
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they' ll hit a mothercker with another motherfcker.. (dml)
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Ya when I heard him I was looking for what made then bam bastard comes out of nowhere
By Anonymous
The normal mob of these aren't too bad but the one's wielding the corpse are insane. I'm not sure why but I have trouble with the corpse wielding guys. can these guys be visceraled? I tried but either the window is extremely narrow or they just can't be hit.
By Anonymous
They can be parried. Try to cheese out their jumping attack or their hack n' slash combo. Dodge backwards. Be exceedingly careful not to mistime the parry or it's most likely over. Those guys hit hard.
By Anonymous
*****ing sadako
By Anonymous
i called them ''the mama'', since they look like the creature in the del toro's movie
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By Agurzil
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I don't seem to be able to pull it off on this enemy, I seem to shoot past him for some reason. I don't think my timing is off, as I can see my bullets going past him. I think I just don't hit him? It's really odd, can anyone confirm?
By Anonymous
If you're using the blunderbuss, the bullets come from a little ways ahead of the tip of the barrel
By Aelvir
That happens alot with certain guns on alot of enemies (especially the Evelyn). The best weapon to shoot them at point-blank range is Ludwig's Rifle.
By Anonymous
I shat my pants the first time I saw them
By Anonymous
I thought it was just another regular labyrinth dude until i heard the scream then i shat my pants.
By Anonymous
Anyone else think that they are freaking hilarious just because of how much *** they haul trying to get to you?
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By November
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Yeah, they are. I call them heavy metal lovers.
By Anonymous
Hearing these things screaming a room away, only to see them turn the corner and sprint at you at full speed is always panic inducing. Especially in cursed dungeons.
By Anonymous
They're very easy to parry, especially when they spam attacks.
By Anonymous
They look more like Pthumerians (or however you spell it)