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By Anonymous
Hi there ,I have got as far as beating rom ,and I’ve been trying to find blood stone chunks ,but I can’t find them at any of the locations on here ,what am I doing wrong ,
By Anonymous
You're probably looking in the wrong area, they should definitely be there regardless of ng+. Some also say they're drops not items already on the ground
By Anonymous
Ok thanks,I’ve been looking for ages ,but I’ll keep at it
By Anonymous
You can farm them in the dlc. From the research hall lamp, kill the two scurrying beasts in the next room, then run to the nightmare church lamp without any loading screens, then run back to the scurrying beasts and kill them, every time you do this gets you another 4 chunks.
By Anonymous
Put on all 4 eye runes(3if you don’t have dlc) and to reverse chalices 10/10
By Anonymous
The Bone werewolf with the chunk next to it also has a chance to drop a chunk. Just happened now while I was looking at the wiki to farm lol
By Anonymous
The fastest farming method by far is the scurrying beast exploit between the research hall and nightmare church lamps. Nets about 100 chunks per hour. It can only be done once per NG and if you have’nt killed the beasts yet though. Search youtube for tutorial.
By Anonymous
guide is by kekimus prime on youtube and can only be done if you didn't kill the small Scurrying Beast in the Nightmare Church (DLC Area)
By Anonymous
Late-game farming can be done pretty easily at the Lower Loran glyph zaxss2vc. The dungeon only has 4 enemies and the boss, Loran Silverbeast, can be killed very easily with a parry and a couple good whacks. Takes about 3 minutes, plus you get a load of blood echos. Boss has a good chance to drop 1-2 chunks.
By Anonymous
At 368 discovery the boss’ drop rate still isn’t very high. I’m only getting chunks every 2-3 runs and it’s usually just one
By Anonymous
I've been trying to farm these from the enemies listed, in the locations listed, with an Item Discovery of 319, for about an hour each.
I've not gotten a single bloodstone chunk. I did, however, get more twin bloodstones than you can shake a lumenwood's weird head at.
By Anonymous
Scratch that. I finally got ONE.
And I highly suspect that I'm going to get anymore for a long time...
By Anonymous
I had 340 discovery, just got 8 chunks in about 30 minutes. I think you may be a tad unlucky.
By GreySkale45
My preferred farming method is in Yahar'gul, after Rom, starting from the Yahar'gul Chapel lantern. You dash out the side door (towards the Scurrying Beast spawn), turn right in front of the Amygdala and drop-roll down to dash past everything. Head into the building with the original lantern (been smashed now F) and down the first staircase, straight down the second set and below the floor. Head into the doorway and kill the malformed Scourgr Beast there, then pop back out and down the last set of stairs to the other jail area, kill the second Scourge Beast., and Bold Hunter's Mark.

Each of them has about a 1/10 chance of dropping a Chunk, in my experience (~250 item discovery). The run is about a minute, and since you don't have to wait for an elevator, along with higher drop rates compared to gargoyles, I believe it to be a solid farming method.

Of course, you could always run a dungeon with bosses that drop Chunks, and use the Insight gained per run to slowly pay for additional ones after beating One Reborn. The first two layers of glyph dz48cmwr have bosses that drop Chunks (Pig and Watchers) without being ungodly difficult, and you can basically speedrun to them, kill them, and remake the chalice.
By Anonymous
Rarer than Blood Rocks.
By Anonymous
Just go to cainhurst and you’ll find a lot
By Anonymous
These should've been purchasable with Blood Echoes after defeating Wet Nurse. Farming for them is tedious as hell since none of the non-chalice enemies drop them commonly. One of the worst design choices in Bloodborne imo.
By Anonymous
69 per ng cycle? nice
By Anonymous
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