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By Anonymous
So I spent a decent amount of effort to befriend Djura on NG+, then I remembered I hadn't looted the items from Old Yharnam. While I was doing that, I climbed the ladder on the building in front of Djura, then saw there was a beast up top and went back down the ladder. Except another beast had started following me up the ladder, so when I went down the ladder it took a tiny amount of damage, and aggroed Djura. So don't be like me, and loot Old Yharnam before you talk to Djura.
By Anonymous
**** djura and his stupid pets
By Anonymous
he is one of my favorite npcs in the series. he is like kaathe in dark souls 1. he makes the player think that "is the thing that i'm doing really a good thing"? i really like that
By Anonymous
i really agree! that’s why I don’t mind at all going out of my way just to be friends with him. I love npcs like him
By Anonymous
i skipped old yharnam, then came through paarl's gate after bloodmoon/yahar'gul.
He doesn't aggro, and will talk to you, that much is true.

But he also didn't aggro after i attacked and killed his hunter pal,
instead he just said his "you devious rat. . ." line and wouldn't talk nor attack me afterwards.
By Anonymous
such a great character
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Would've been cool if, when he does call you out upon first entering Old Yharnam, the first monster you see he yells "don't touch him!" and if you don't attack, he instead beckons you to meet him and to "not attack any of the locals", which would already give you a sense of how he views the beasts and give players a more likely chance of meeting him without becoming hostile. It seems far too complicated to do the necessary steps just to say hi to him and even on my 4th playthrough I never realised there was an option to meet him without turning him hostile until now.
By Anonymous
Fromsoft always tries to make npc quest obscure and complicated
By Anonymous
The beasts are not loyal, they would not listen to him. I do agree that I wish the meeting was easier to access.
By Anonymous
It does not matter if the beasts were people once. They are beasts now, which is why Djura is wrong
By Anonymous
nah, you're the real beast
By Anonymous
you missed the point dawg
By Anonymous
Djura the leftard lmao.
By Anonymous
What does this have to do with politics? Compensating for something?
By Anonymous
Man, imagine dismissing a real life movement because of a video game. Not too bright are you?
By Anonymous
Lmao people don't get jokes these days
By Anonymous
you call this a joke?
By Anonymous
Wow all you guys are snowflake ***, learn to take a joke for once.
By Anonymous
learn to take this ****, boy
By Anonymous
Poe's Law
By Anonymous
Go play CoD, q anon
By Anonymous
Learn to make a joke
By Anonymous
I hope this is just a bad joke...
By Anonymous
cringe, just sad cringe
By Anonymous
lmao the triggered comments makes this even funnier
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Kill yourself you dumb neo-nazi ameritard.
By Anonymous
What is anyone who bothers to examine or criticize the world they live in so troublesome to you? Is it cause it's a reminder of what an unthinking idiot you are? Or being an imbecile just that appealing?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Djura is not a Slavic version of "George" (I assure you, as a Slavic bearer of this name). Djura - squire and servant of the Cossack foreman in Ukraine (Slavic country) in the 16th-18th centuries.
By Anonymous
How are you supposed to get to the BSB without going through old yarnham???
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You'd have to go through Darkbeast Paarl and go from there.
By Anonymous
You can get there through a door from Darkbeast Paarl's bossroom, or you can just go through Old Yharnam to get to it. It doesn't matter if Djura aggros you before you fight Paarl, as long as you don't drop the oil lantern in the church which sets beasts ablaze automatically, you'll be safe to approach him from the rear, either from BSB lantern, or from Paarl's lantern, sparing any beasts you see along the way
By Anonymous
You don't. I'm not sure if you can kill any beasts on your way, but you can just sprint through and kill the BSB. After that, Djura will become friendly after you enter Darkbeast Paarl's area. Also, you can kill the beasts in the building behind him, and he will not turn aggressive.
By Anonymous
You don't have to get kidnapped you can also get there by killing Rom
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