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By Anonymous
If you kill him without him being friendly because a beast fell of or something of that sort (what happened to me) then he’ll say

“But remember one thing. You’re not hunting beasts.” Instead of the dialogue listed on the page.
By Anonymous
that strategy is silly. Just lock onto him right before you top the ladder, shoot him 3-5 times, watch him fall to his death, reload game, grab items.
By Anonymous
This man ain’t even a Powder Keg. He needs a death machine to have a glimmer of a chance against HOONTERS like us.
By Anonymous
With a feminine ending, it’s more like Georgie lol. Also, specifically south Slavic.
By Anonymous
the lore section here is kind of dumb lol, leave these thoughts for the players instead of spelling it out like it's canon for godsake
By Anonymous
By Bagguete
This guy's such a **** head him and his friends health pools are way to high to fight, plus his shotgun does like 300 damage he deserves to get cheesed wish I knew a cheese for the saw spear guy at the bottom though
By Anonymous
U can try to open the shortcut to the ladder and lure him in there and make him drop
By Anonymous
It's me again with more dumb Djura interactions. I have never went through Old Yharnam after making peace with him without somehow triggering his aggression again. It happened on 2 separate characters. I recorded both interactions just in case I missed something:

1. This one is understandable but disappointing. The beasts can get themselves killed and he blames you. I wanted to make my way down to get the Charred Hunter set. Taking the ladder straight down to where his NPC friend is causes the beasts to follow you, and if they drop down following you, they will die and Djura will turn against you. What's funny here is that I got stuck in some bad terrain down by the ladder and was turned to mush by Djura and co.

2. Again, Charred Hunter set. No one died this time since I went towards my destination the opposite way. I collected everything inside the building and after grabbing the set and leaving the building, the same dialogue immediately popped up and he started shooting. I didn't receive any echoes at all that would indicate a beast killed itself either.
By Anonymous
One time i accidentally stepped on one of the beasts doing 3 damage to it and he turned hostile lmfao
By Anonymous
OP here, back to playing Bloodborne. The ideal strategy is to kill EVERYTHING on your first visit, and loot the entire area. If you refer to the replies on my previous post, Djura will pretty much forgive everything you do on the first visit (killing his friend not included, never tested). Make your way through the game until you kill Paarl and when you return to Djura from the opposite side of Old Yharnam, he will be friendly no matter what.

AVOID beasts at all costs in case some dumb things happen.

AVOID looting Charred Hunter set OR simply don't leave the building you found it in and use Bold Hunter's Mark to leave instead. You can also simply loot it on your first visit.
By Anonymous
I did his questline today. Here's what I got:

1. Did not touch any of the beasts in the upper part of the map.
2. He blew up 2 of the beasts while I was making my way through the area.
3. I made it to the lower part of the map and whilst fighting a werewolf, I hit 2-3 beasts that came in the way (but did not kill them). I quick exited the game to reset the spawns.
4. I killed Bloodstarved Beast.
5. I got kidnapped by a Snatcher.
6. I killed Paarl.
7. I made my way to Djura through Paarl's gate and he was peaceful.
By Anonymous
Bonus note: I summoned the NPC for Bloodstarved Beast and it visceral attacked one of the beasts, but it didn't die (I think..)
By Anonymous
You can safely kill everything in Old Yharnam when you first go there. There's a flag leading up to Paarl which triggers Djura to be non-hostile. So, basically, don't attack anything after you've fought Paarl once.
By Anonymous
Oh I see. I'm gonna try that on my next character. Also another update regarding my 7 steps: I did that on 2 more characters and I haven't checked yet but I'll let y'all know if he's peaceful after I beat Paarl on said characters. This time, he might've killed the beasts with explosions himself, but I didn't make the mistake of touching any beasts whatsoever.
By Anonymous
You were right. I committed mass murder in Old Yharnam, but touched nothing after Paarl. Hell I think one of the beasts (or maybe a werewolf) killed themselves from a looong distance from me and Djura was still friendly. It really isn't as complicated as the comments make it out to be.
By Anonymous
I always loved that people were like, "Oh, he really makes you think about the hunt and what you're doing." And when you read his set, the game's literally like, "Yeah, this guy's a complete idiot lmao."
By Anonymous
That is not unlike Kaathe and Frampt calling you a dumbass if you choose one over the other. The player may choose the inconvenient peaceful way to go in Old Yharnam and one could say that is foolish, but to Djura it's the morally sound decision.
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By cheebnrun
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He like that cult that worships the zombies in Days Gone
By Anonymous
I defeated Paarl but I forgot you had to approach him from the back to not aggro him, so I went to the Dream and warped to the Old Yharnam lantern and approached him normally and he attacked me

After that even if I approach from the Paarl lantern he still stays hostile

So I think I permanently screwed it up just by approaching from the wrong direction
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