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if i didn't already know i'm***** djura's voice would've probably been my awakening. who let this old man have a voice like that.
why does fextra censor the word g/ay?
I really think that Djura is right in spare the life of the beasts. I mean, the Healing Church never tried to deal with the beast that wasn't "kill or make more bizarre experiments with them." They never hyphotetized that they could heal (ironically) the beasts. The only "heal" they were concerned was for themselves, for they transcend the humanity, while the rest of the people has collapsed in madness. Laurence, Ludwig, Micolash, Lady Maria, Gehrmann, they all didn't care about the people, and yes only with your greed. And in this well of greediness, only Djura saw that the people of Yharnam deserved to be saved, because it was the main viticm of all that insanity, not the villains.
Well, killing beasts maybe isn't really bad for the beasts, actually. If you consider the "Yharnam morning" ending plus the item description of the Burial blade, you see that killing people could be a way to make them escape the nightmare. Presumably, then, killing a beast would make its human form come back to life in the "real" Yharnam.
My theory all the time - From the first time starting up the game years ago until today - is, that we are actually seeing***** that just isn't there. The human in the first part of the game are all patrolling the streets, half turned into werewolfes - but they are SCARED of you. They call you a beast, shout "away, away!" and seem to be afraid to the bones. You kill them because you see them as mad half transformed monsters - But are they? Or maybe it is that weird bloodcurse that make them LOOK like monsters ? Maybe you are the monster after all - and all those horrible creatures you see through the game are actually just people. That would also explain the "Insight" and how it changes what you can see around you - It is you drifting into madness even more. The "hunt" is some special blood moon night in which those who are cursed with the blood start to halluzinate and kill each other in the most gruesome ways. Maybe Djura acknowledged that - Maybe he understood. That is why he tries to stop you.
How would this explain the people you can talk to? Or trophy descriptions telling you "defeat the BEAST that was once (Vicar Amelia / Father Gascoigne / Ludwig, the Holy Blade /Laurence, the First Vicar.) ?
I just want to mention that today my sibling befriended Durja by warping in from the Blood-starved Beast's lantern and without ever meeting Darkbeast Paarl
He killed himself by back stepping off the ladder.
So i killed him from the gett go and i cant seem to figure out what to do at this point just been wandering around....
That's a small area. If you killed the blood starved beast there isn't much else. Go back to the cathedral ward and explore or hypogean gaol.
i killed the hunter that appears at Tomb of Oeden and the lady in the basement i think aat Gaol. also i sent a lady to that shursh with the creature attached to the ground and she died.
I was messing around, doing invasions in old yharnam, and I encountered this guy using an upgraded burial blade. This guy could kill me in two hits, so after invading his world a few times and dying, I realised that I wouldn't be able to kill him normally. So, I tried to lure him into fighting a mob of enemies, but then two summons entered his world. So, after they died to djura, I relized all I had to do is trick him into being within djuras range. So, after almost dying a few times, I got him to chase me just a few feet away from the border of djuras range, and with a riposte and some hunter pistol spamming, I got this guy right into djuras range. Thank god this guy exists.
He was never that hard for me, I just used the Hunter's Axe two-handed and hit him with an L2 when I dodged, then backed off, rinse and repeat.
I gone to the top of the tower.when he charged toward me i put bone marrow ash on my canon and shoot him.poor guy throw up like a ball.
I was really excited to befriend Djura today. It was my pick-me-up to try to make a really*****ty day a bit better. I made a mistake though. I just ran past the enemies in the the church on the way to Djura's ladder. Apparently, just tapping your foot against a beast while climbing down the ladder (and not even doing damage!) is enough to make him hostile again. I wasn't expecting to be called a rat. Pick-me-up failed. Should have warped, hindsight is 20/20 and all that.