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Weird that one of the arguably most noble or at least thought provoking characters is positioned to die in such a dumb way
He quit as a hunter and doesn't want to kill beasts since they were once human, but he has no qualms killing humans like you?
By his logic: you are a hunter who has gone to Old Yharnam a place long ago abandoned by humans, only beasts roam around in it now not posing any threat to humans or the world/land above. You have basically gone out of your way to slaughter and kill the beasts of Old Yharnam who pose no threat to anyone before you came.He thinks the hunters are worse than beasts, as hunters have the will and choice to kill whilst the beasts kill because its in their nature.


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This shouldn't have confused you in the slightest. He's protecting the beasts. You're killing the beasts. You're his enemy.
"You still dream I should think? Then come as often as you like, I'll show you another death." He knows you are coming back to life, so there is no guilt for killing you.
You can keep him friendly after killing beasts in the rear part all the way from the good church of the chalice upto the ladder you use to climb the tower. You must have firstly...
1. Visit darkbeast paarls room.
2.kill the blood starved beast.

Now you can clear the path to him but before going up the ladders. Return to the darkbeast shortcut door. Even if u havent opened it yet. Press x on it anyway. Then make your way to djura. He should remain freindly, found this whilst farming shards.
I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I cleared the whole Old Yharnam area and killed Blood-Starved Beast. Of course, he turned hostile and killed me twice. I left him until I killed Darkbeast Paarl and found the back door, and decided to fight him, but he was friendly, and even gave me the mentioned rewards. I don't know how. Maybe it is because of the Blood Moon?!
If you head to him from Darkbeast Paarl he becomes friendly.
"Djura has no association with Old Yharnam--" uhh what. Djura is an Old Hunter, from the time of the decimation of Old Yharnam. He alone was able to resist madness and see through the illusions of the hunt, and discovered that the beasts were still human. We even meet one of Djura's companions in the Hunter's Nightmare, protecting a cave of beasts while wielding the same fashion of gatling gun as Djura uses, evidencing further that Djura is a man from the past.

When we meet him, Djura is likely already long dead, and this person with whom we speak is a sort of revenant resurrected by the dream, as is the case with Gehrman, Lady Maria, Simon, Brador, Laurence, Micolash, etc. The only truly living hunters we ever come across seem to be Eileen, Gascoigne, Henryk, and possibly the Choir hunter we face in Byrgenwerth, and the Yahar'gul hunters. Maaaybe the Bloody Crow, considering Eileen is "no longer dreaming," but her sanity remains debatable based on her alternative sidequest ending, and she could easily be restored through the dreams of others anyway...
All of old hunters you mention are physically dead. The only you meet in the physical world is Micolash and he is a desiccated corpse when you walk into his nightmare at the village.
the thing is if they are all just "people" why do they attack us then? If we are the monster? Shouldn't they run away cowardly hiding under their beds? Instead of playing around in pools of blood?
Pardon me, but the full quote is: "But remember one thing, you're not hunting beasts... its you, you're the beast, just think about what you're doing... its such a madness..."
thanks for this. i didnt get much chance to listen as i dragged us both off the tower and now i learn theres an incredibly obscure way to deaggro him and get a gesture ***** everything
Killing the Blood-starved beast to befriend Djura is optional. You don't even have to enter Old Yharnam from the main entrance, simply progress the game by killing the Cleric Beast and skip BSB till you reach Yahar'gul and then killing Darkbeast Paarl. Djura will be friendly.
Cleric is an optional boss. He only has that ONE badge.
If i run to the tower without killing any beast? He will be friendly?
So I went through and killed blood starved beast. Completely ignoring djura and never walking up to him. After blood starved beast I killed vicar, the witch, and then went for paal. After killing paal I then went to meet djura. But he was gone and only his badge was there? Does that mean he is dead? And how? Unless one of the idiots I summon via hunter bell killed him idk were he is.
One of them killed him… Now you have to create a new character or for for a new game plus if you want the emote.
i did everything in the guide and he still isn't friendly, *****in unpolished *** game lmao


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yeah cause he decides to stay aggro if you accidentally step in front of him