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Just found an Elder Great One Coldblood. Pthumeru Ihyll, all rituals. Gliph: weqfzn34. Depth 4 in the main section. It is not my dungeon.
Same person agane^ I'm not sure about english name, it is literally meaning Coldblood of the Great One in my languge.
Regular is Great Pthumeru Ihyll, I was writing about Pthumeru Ihyll root, I thought it's obvious.
Same person^ I mean Layer 4 not depth sorry.
How could it be layer 4 on the regular one? If it has all the extra rituals then surely it's either sinister or root, right?
^Coldblood of the Elder Great One


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Anyone else see the cosmos in the blood?
i only see the kosm
I only see the kos
I found one of them on Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice on Layer 4
Glyph: kt9jwzvv
With Ailing Loran Chalice dungeons + Moon Caryll runes, I don't see the need for higher Coldblood than Kin (12). With all three runes and one boss I have gathered over 300k echoes, e.g. an entire dungeon gives about 1 million. Again, what's the point? I can only imagine the amount of echoes even harder chalice dungeons can provide... *sighs longingly*


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This item suffers Final Fantasy syndrome where by the time you get a very strong item/weapon/spell to work, you'll be at a point where you already slaughter everything anyways.
I also found "Ancient Grate One Coldblood"(i think, in italian is called "Sangue greddo di un Grande Essere Antico") in Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice and gives 50k echoes
Here is another one (layer 1 hintertome chalice side room) 5jdmvee8
Yep, there exists a Ancient Great One Coldblood item, I have found one too.
Found one in a chalice dungeon inside a coffin, if that helps.
its the cosmos
7av5vpxu Root Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth Chalice, first layer, inside a coffin, inside the treasure hallway.
Oh man, I could use one! Any chance you can post a glyph?
Ailing Loran Chalice dungeons + Moon Caryll Runes. 'Nuff said.
dude this is literally like three kills in the dungeon you'd get it from
I also found in in lower Pthumeru root dungeon
6rikvze6 layer 3
doesn't that look like earth in the coldblood? or is my insight to high lol
"Cosmically nightmarish"


I was really ticked by how pitiful the amount of echoes you get from this item is. The description talks it up like it's gonna give you some amount upwards of like, 80k... But this is just laughable. You can farm that amount in like, 15 minutes on NG+.
Oh man, I could use one! Any chance you can post a glyph?
i found a "Ancient Great One Coldblood" in calice
also found one in sinister lower pthumeru root chalice with sinister bell active layer 3 sarcophagus, seems like they also can be found in depth 3 dungeons not only 4 & 5
It can also be found in Pthumeru Ihyll root chalice